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How to Send Large Files

How to send large files is a perennial, modern day dilemma. But Binfer file transfer software enables large file sharing quickly, easily and securely.
Binfer send large files large file sharing


How to Send Large Files

Figuring out how to send large files can leave you feeling like you’re a few sandwiches short of a picnic. When it comes to large file sharing? Good grief. Frustrated hair pulling, eye rolling, uttering words you likely wouldn’t repeat in front of a child or a parent are just a few indications that your cloud-based file transfer software isn’t performing as it should.

Large File Sharing Shouldn’t Be This Hard

Raise a virtual hand if any of the following scenarios sound familiar:

  • Uploads/downloads take forever. You can literally feel yourself aging – badly –while you wait. Even worse, you have to start all over again if your Internet connection is interrupted.
  • You wonder where your data is once it leaves your laptop. You imagine your poor, innocent files free wheeling out there in the ether, rootless and vulnerable.
  • You have to compress, zip or otherwise alter photo or video quality before you send them. Annoying and time consuming, anyone?
  • Your FTP set up costs more than you want to invest for the service you’re getting. You want a simpler, cheaper, more secure alternative.
  • You wonder if there’s a non-cloud-based file transfer software alternative on the market. The cloud, after all, is just someone else’s server. Data privacy being what it is – or isn’t – you don’t want to send your data through a server to be stored and who knows what else.

There Has to Be a Better Way to Send Large Files

You don’t have to deal with that kind of hassle at work or while engaged in personal aspects of digital life. Here’s how Binfer eliminates all of those large file sharing scenarios:

  • With Binfer file transfer software you don’t have to upload or download data before you send it. We don’t use the cloud. You can send large files in half the time of a cloud-based file transfer software option. We have this fabulous auto-resume functionality so you don’t have to start over if your wifi connection takes a power nap.
  • Wonder no more. With Binfer, your data never leaves your control. When you send large files they move from you, the sender, to the recipient through our direct, device-to-device protocol. There are no unknown data pit stops through third party servers.
  • We specialize in large file sharing. You can send large video files, folders filled with high res photos, even entire directories full of data, and it’s as easy as drag and drop. Their file quality or appearance will not be altered. They will arrive at their destination in the same state you sent them. There’s no need to compress or zip anything. 
  • FTP was a good option to send large files – in the 80s. Now there are better, simpler, less expensive options like Binfer on the market. Consider, unless you take special precautions, FTP connections aren’t encrypted. Data is transferred in clear text, and it’s vulnerable to interception: packet capture, FTP bounce attacks, spoofing attacks, username enumeration, brute force attacks and on and on. During routine file sharing you could easily be exposed to serious security risks. That’s in addition to significant costs related to a potential data breach: lost reputation, lost trust, lost clients, stolen intellectual property, etc.

The average person doesn’t have the advanced technical knowledge required to manage FTP. It’s a 40-year-old legacy technology, after all. Not to beat old tech when it’s down, but FTP is often synonymous with: slow data transfers, complicated setups, unreliability, limited analytics and reporting capability, and significant administrative overhead.

Transferring large files with FTP isn’t even that easy. There’s no simple way to verify that a recipient received sent files. It also requires server administration, which costs in terms of IT support and hardware. FTP is mostly used to transfer files to web servers. Some businesses still use it to transfer files between clients and offices. You can do better.

  • Binfer never stores or sells your data. We can’t even see it. We’re literally built that way. We like to think of ourselves as data defenders. Thanks to our direct, device-to-device technology, we can send large files without the cloud, quickly, easily and securely. Binfer file transfer software ensures that your data is never out of your control. You know exactly where it goes because it only goes where you send it.

You can send large files without going crazy, and you don’t have to use the cloud or spend a lot of time and money to do it. Use Binfer.