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Steve works in advertising and is seeking the best file sharing for creatives software. He has to frequently review advertisement graphics with clients. When he used services like Wetransfer or Hightail to send media files, he wasted a lot of time. 

Then he found Binfer. He now shares all projects with an easy drag and drop, directly from his computer, clients are notified within seconds. Clients click on a link and views the graphics instantly, without having to go through the upload step. 

With this new solution, Steve saves several hours each month. Clients are very happy with the quick turnaround.

Binfer eliminates many steps that make file sharing a cumbersome process. All of your files can automatically be encrypted, compressed, and downloaded with the push of a button. 

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Upload services are cumbersome. Binfer is easy.

No Attachment Limit

Email clients typically limit your maximum attachment size to 25MB. With Binfer, you can send or receive any file size you'd like.

Direct File Transfer

Have peace of mind knowing that your files are going directly to the person intended. Never are any third party servers involved.

Easy To Use

Binfer's easy to use interface feels just like email. Just add a recipients email, drag and drop your files, and press send!

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 “With about a 2 minute setup, Binfer makes everyone’s computer act as one. When a team member in Dubai changes a file, it is automatically updated on all of the team members devices instantly. And we can audit all past versions through the version control. It’s like we are all sharing the same computer anywhere in the world.”

SVP of Special Projects

Chicago, IL

Recommended Binfer Products for Creatives

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File Sharing

The File Sharing application allows you to easily send any project file type to Binfer and non-Binfer users.

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Web Drop

The Web Drop application allows you to easily receive large files from anyone with a simple drag and drop.

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The Sync application is great for keeping offices on the same page. This application serves as a simple, cost-effective, and secure replacement for FTP's.

Binfer Moves Your Projects

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