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Full featured installer. Will auto start on system start.
Download the exe file and double click to install.

Save the zip file to Desktop and double click to install.

Save the dmg file to Desktop and double click to install.

Ensure that you have Java installed on your computer. Download file, open command prompt and type "java -jar binfer.jar", without the quotes.


  • Binfer needs to remain online while transfers are in progress.

  • Binfer is not 100% free. Click here for Plans

  • Binfer needs to run as an app on your device to allow direct transfer of unlimited size and quantity and auto resume interrupted transfers, with advanced encryption. Browser/web based technology cannot do this yet.

  • Binfer does not upload your files anywhere so you need to keep your device online until files have transferred.

  • You will need to create an account after downloading. Only name and email asked. You can use the same account on multiple devices.

  • Binfer needs access to the Internet. If you get prompts from your firewall or anti-virus software, do grant full permissions to Binfer [or Java].

  • Binfer also need to make inbound and outbound connections to ports other than 80. Your firewall or anti virus software must allow connections to other ports.

  • Binfer is currently available for Windows, Mac, & Linux.

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