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Share and synchronize large projects

Direct Collaboration

From the inception of a project to it’s completion, information is exchanged constantly. Binfer’s tools help to make the back and forth of data transfer quick and simple. File sharing for architecture should not impede the project’s process.¬†

Binfer offers many tools that can benefit parties in every level of the project, from BIM engineers, to architects, to contractors. We’ve got you covered.

File sharing for architecture is a commonly searched term on Google. Here at Binfer we have dedicated our product to helping everyone, everywhere, share data quicker, easier, and more securely. 

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Project Communication Automated

Simplified Synchronization

Just pick the folders and the needed parties- and automatically synchronize entire folder structures among everyone's devices.

Direct Communication

Have peace of mind knowing that your files are going directly to the person or persons intended. Never any third party storage.

Version Control

Save all previous iterations of shared project files. Never lose a draft.

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"The application is direct, intuitive, and simple."
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Fernando Malard

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File Sharing

The File Sharing application allows you to easily send files, small and large, to anyone. No attachment restrictions, ever.

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Binfer's Backup/Synchronization is perfect for synchronizing projects from subcontractors to BIM's without all the back and forth.

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