The New Sync

Cloudless. Direct. Secure.

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Synchronize Data Directly From Device to Device

Binfer uses 'Rules' to synchronize data between devices. Directly. This form of data synchronization just makes sense. Eliminate the middleman and send your data where it needs to go. No where else.

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Binfer Direct Backup

Backup Your Important Information

Set up a automated series of 'Rules' to backup your data to any device you choose. This backup can be configured between computers, servers, or a private cloud. 

Sync Up Many Devices At Once

Mirror multiple devices and file paths on multiple machines. Use either a pull mechanism, push mechanism, or both. 

Binfer Sync Many to Many

Sync Features

  • Multiple Device Support
  • No Maximum File Size
  • Versioning
  • Pattern Exclusion
  • AES 256-Bit At Source Encryption
  • Set Destination Folders
  • Set File Age
  • Chain Backups
  • Automatic Resume of Transfers
  • Multiple 'Rules'
Freight Ship in Port
“Until Binfer, we believed that replicating business data across the open ocean causing us a headache was just a cost of doing business. We were able to roll out Binfer on our vessels within a matter of days, and completely remove the hassle of data replication.”
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Sankar Ragavan
CEO MariApps

Changing the way data is synced