File Sharing For Lawyers

Building a connection between you and your clients

The Most Secure Way Of Communicating

File sharing for lawyers has come with a difficult trade off between software providers.  Binfer makes it easy to keep possession of your data without the complex installation process of other software vendors at a fraction of their price-tag.

Do you upload confidential documents on a cloud server before they are delivered to your recipients? Do you encrypt, compress, and work with FTP’s, or similar services, to ensure security? Now there is a better way.

Binfer is an easy way to send legal documents to clients, experts and other privileged parties. The difference between Binfer and other methods is that your legal documents transfer directly from your device to the recipient’s device without requiring an upload to a central server. Binfer makes file sharing for lawyers a simple and secure task. 

Signing a Document

Security is Complicated. Binfer is Simple.

Secure Communication

Files are automatically encrypted at source. Only you have access to your keys.

Direct File Transfer

With Binfer, your documents stay on your computer and are sent to the recipients only when they come to receive them. There is absolutely no chance for anyone else to get hold of them.

Real Time Audit

See exactly when and where your files are received. Cut off access with the click of a button if you see any irregular activity.

People on Outside Bench
"Binfer is great for the people that aren’t happy that their files are going to sit on someone’s servers, and then sit there for perpetuity."
Catherine Reach Chicago bar
Catherine Reach
Director of Technology, Chicago Bar Association

Recommended Binfer Applications for Legal

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File Sharing

The File Sharing application allows you to easily send any document to anyone. No attachment restrictions, ever.

Web Drop Icon

Web Drop

The Web Drop application allows you to easily receive sensitive files from anyone with a simple drag and drop from an online drop box.

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The Sync application is great for keeping small offices on the same page. This application serves as a simple, cost-effective, and secure replacement for FTP's.

Binfer Moves Your Legal Documents