File Sharing for Photographers

Enabling seamless photo transfer

Transfer Photos Fast

There are many tools that accommodate file sharing for photographers, but none are easier than Binfer’s Secure Communication and File Sharing Suite. Binfer’s suite of tools allows you to share thousands of photos directly. By switching to Binfer, you will:

1. Transfer photos at twice the speed of current file transfer solutions

2. Increase your productivity

3. Get unparalleled security

You can instantly send hundreds of photos with a simple drag and drop. Your clients can easily preview proofs and download photos. You no longer have to worry about user accounts, unauthorized access or storage limits.

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Binfer Accelerates Content Creation

No Attachment Limit

Sharing proofs or large RAW files shouldn't be a hassle. With Binfer you can attach any file or folder size you'd like

Easy To Use

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. And that is exactly how you share photos with Binfer. Directly from sender to recipient. No upload to intermediate servers, which cuts down delivery time in half.

Act As Your Own Storage

There is no need to pay another service to host your photos. You can deliver photos from your own website by simply pasting a few lines of code.

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"Binfer is a quick and easy way to send and receive videos or photos of important events. Whether it be weddings, get-to-togethers, or birthdays, Binfer is my default platform for sharing important files."
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Recommended Binfer Products for Photography

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File Sharing

The File Sharing application allows you to easily send any photo type, JPEG, RAW, PNG, to anyone. No attachment restrictions, ever.

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Web Drop

The web drop application allows you to easily receive large files from anyone with a simple drag and drop.

Binfer Moves Your Photos

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Be one of the first to try our brand-new Binfer desktop app. We’re looking for photographers who transfer very large files to join our private beta test. We’re offering a three-month unlimited license that gives you unlimited file transfer of any file size for giving us your thoughts. Sign up below to join!

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