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Healthcare providers need to exchange large amounts of data, but must comply with heavy government regulation. Providers face heavy fines and reputational risks if breaches expose PII or PHI. Healthcare file sharing is an important aspect of the day to day work that occur in hospitals and labs. 

Whether its sharing data across medical offices, such as MRI or Radiology images – or its sharing externally, such as care instructions to patients, Binfer allows for direct data transfer, meaning one less place you have to monitor for HIPAA compliance.

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Upload services are cumbersome. Binfer is easy.

Direct File Transfer

Have peace of mind knowing that your files are going directly and only to the person intended. No data is ever stored on a third party server.

Lower Compliance Costs

Because files are not stored on a central server, there is one less instance that needs to be monitored for HIPAA compliance.

Real Time Audit

Keep a full audit trail of all activity, including files added, removed, edited, and sent internally or externally.

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 “Binfer allows us to receive lab results in real time, instead of in large batches at the end of the day.”

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Recommended Binfer Products for Healthcare File Sharing

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File Sharing

The File Sharing application allows you to easily send any data to Binfer and non-Binfer users.

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Web Drop

The Web Drop application allows you to easily receive large files from anyone with a simple drag and drop.

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The Sync application is great for keeping hosptials, labs, and clinics on the same page.

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