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Sending Files to China Without Getting Blocked

Other file sharing services must copy your content in order to deliver it. And therein lies the problem.

Diagram showing China blocking a cloud service.

Cloud, FTP, or VPN vulnerability

US-based cloud services being blocked in China include: Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, and even YouTube.

Binfer is Not Blocked by China's Firewall

Binfer’s proprietary file sharing architecture is an ultra-light footprint that keeps your files between you (the sender) and the person you’re sending them to (the recipient)…quite literally. That’s because we do not copy your files in any way. Our secure and dynamic tunneling technology keeps prying eyes away from your global business communications. Why? Because there is virtually no centralized point to attack.


(See for yourself at Chinese Firewall Test)


These are the most common questions first-time buyers ask about Binfer.

Absolutely not. One of the things our customers love about Binfer is that you don’t have to hassle the people you send your files to with installation and setup requirements. 

With Binfer, you have two options:

1) INBOX: The fully 256-bit encrypted message (and file) can go directly to their inbox. Many of our customers use this option because it’s so simple and intuitive for your recipients, since they don’t have to change the way they do things right now. 

2) WEB  PICKUP: This is also a very popular option that our customers love. Using our Web Pickup feature, customers just click on a link where your message (and file) reside. (You can customize this page entirely if you like, or just use Binfer’s default page).  As an additional security feature, you can password protect the file as well. 

You can create a RECEIVE link. Then share that link with whomever you designate to send you secure files. They then go to that page, upload their document, and hit send. That’s all that is to it!

Most anything is possible but since we do not store or coral any content into a centralized server environment, we doubt there would be since we are “playing nice” with China already. Also, because our file transfers are inherently decentralized, it would require a great deal more effort to be blocked by China. In the end, we think China is a rational actor for which our way of sending customer files is conducted with the utmost respect, and in compliance with their laws.

Product Features

AES 256 Bit Encryption

Confidential file transfers are encrypted with military-grade 256 bit AES encryption, ensuring secure transfers.

Drag And Drop Entire Folders

Drag and drop 1000's of files or folders. Deep folder structure is preserved and replicated on the recipients device.

Detailed Transfer And Tracking

While files are transferring you can monitor their progress and time remaining.

Advanced Reports

Reports provide detailed information about who transferred what, when and from where of all transfers.