Binfer moves your data without ever storing it on any third party systems

Helping You Where It Counts

Binfer's Direct Device to Device data transfer technology makes exchanging information secure, reliable, easy, and fast.


• 256 bit encryption
• Automatic tracking of transfers
• Your data is never uploaded to cloud servers


• Ensure delivery of data of any size and quantity
• Auto resume interrupted transfers
• Maintain deep folder and file structure


• Freedom from large email attachment problems
• Drag & drop entire folders
• No cumbersome & time consuming uploads/downloads


• Cut delivery time in half
• Transfer at maximum speed allowed by your ISP
• No bandwidth sharing/throttling

How Binfer Works

Binfer VS Cloud send large files

Install the desktop app

Drag and drop files

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Perfect For


Use Binfer for your family's file sharing needs. Whether you need large videos to move faster or you need photos of important events to move securely, Binfer has got you covered.


Its hard to balance high quality cybersecurity with a limited technology budget. Whether you are receiving documents from clients or sending media to partners, Binfer makes file transfer secure and easy.


Ensuring the highest security of data is both the right thing to do and in many industries the required thing to do. Binfer makes it simple to manage the movement of data, so you always stay in control.

Ready to make Binfer work for you?

Sending information should be fast, secure, and easy.