File Sharing for Maritime

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From the middle of the ocean to 30,000 feet in the sky, transportation companies need to be sharing data constantly. Even in the most unreliable environments, data must be received in a location where it can be easily processed. Binfer’s tools make file sharing for Maritime feel like it’s coming from the same room. 

Binfer offers many tools that can get your data where it needs to go. No matter what. We’ve got you covered. Even if you are in the middle of the sea, looking for the perfect file sharing for Maritime software. 

Plane and ships

Changing File Transfer at Sea

Simplified Synchronization

Make data transfer automatic. Simply point a folder from your carrier’s device to the HQ, and every time the data updates, it will automatically move between the devices.

Reliable Communication

Never have to worry about connectivity outages again. When a carrier loses connectivity, files auto-resume from where they left off. Reduce your data usage by up to 50%

Integrated Software

Binfer has API integrations so data can be transferred directly through in a format readable by your preferred ERP or CRM.

Large freight
“Until Binfer, we believed that replicating business data across the open ocean causing us a headache was just a cost of doing business. We were able to roll out Binfer on our vessels within a matter of days, and completely remove the hassle of data replication.”
Sankar Ragavan Photo
Sankar Ragavan
CEO, MariApps

Recommended Binfer Products for Maritime


The Sync application is great for keeping ships and HQ on the same page. This application serves as a simple, cost-effective, and secure replacement for FTPs and divided Email.

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud feature makes it easy to dynamically assign licenses, manage users, and keep your organization in sync.

Binfer Moves Your Ships' Data