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Easy Data Replication Between Ship & Shore

Eliminate Data Transfer Challenges at Sea with Binfer

Binfer provides an innovative file synchronization solution optimized for maritime operations, ensuring that critical data flows seamlessly and securely between vessels and shore.

The Challenges in Maritime Data Transfer

The maritime industry grapples with data transfer reliability. Traditional methods falter over vast ocean distances, leaving vessels disconnected.

  • Unreliable satellite connections
  • Slow transfer speeds
  • Data loss due to interruptions
  • High costs associated with re-transmissions
  • Inefficient and archaic email or FTP based data replication

Binfer not only transcends these challenges, but provides unmatched data transfer features like auto-resume, real-time sync, no size limits, ensuring that your operations never lose pace.

Binfer’s direct device-to-device transfer technology facilitates a peer-to-peer connection, allowing data to be synced directly between vessels and shore without relying on intermediate servers.

Binfer's Solution: Direct Device-to-Device Synchronization

  • Reduced transfer times: Binfer can cut data transfer times by up to 50% compared to traditional methods, keeping your vessels connected and operational.
  • Reliable data transfer: Binfer’s advanced technology automatically resumes interrupted transfers, ensuring complete and accurate data delivery.
  • Cost savings: By eliminating the need for costly re-transmissions, Binfer helps you save money on data transfer expenses.
  • Enhanced security: Binfer prioritizes data security with features like authenticated endpoints, military-grade encryption and two-factor authentication.

Binfer Enhances Maritime Efficiency

Shipping companies need to share data constantly. It can be challenging communicating between vessels at sea and HQ on the shore because satellite connections are expensive and unreliable. Binfer’s tools make file sharing and data replication for the maritime industry feel like data is moving from one room to another, not across the open water. 

Unmatched Data Integrity

With Binfer, data packets are resiliently sent, ensuring complete and unaltered delivery over any connection.

Robust against Interruptions

Our transfer protocol is designed to auto-resume precisely at the last byte sent, making dropped connections a non-issue.

Bandwidth Optimization

Don’t let the size of your files slow you down. Our platform is optimized for high-speed transfers, ensuring that even the largest files reach their destination quickly.

Quality Preservation

Binfer’s intelligent packet transfer maximizes available bandwidth, making the most of even limited connections.

Binfer maritime technology data replication sync large file sharing

How It Works?

Install, set the sync jobs, and let Binfer automate the rest. Your data is replicated flawlessly across devices, with every transfer encrypted and secure.

  • Installation and Setup: Begin by installing Binfer on devices at sea and ashore.
  • Create synchronization jobs: Quickly create sync jobs from one device to one or more devices with varieties of configuration options.
  • Automatic Synchronization: Binfer automates data replication, ensuring files in selected folders mirror each other across all devices, even after interruptions.

Flexible Deployment Options

Install across a variety of operating systems

Use management console on our server or yours

Binfer Managed

Binfer Managed is hosted on our server and does not require a public IP or open port. It is best suited for individuals, professionals, and small businesses with variable data transfer needs.

Self Managed

Self Managed requires installation on your premises with a public IP and open port. It is best suited for small to large businesses and enterprises that need unlimited data transfer, multiple users, and many devices.

Field Tested 7+ Years on 600+ Vessels!

“Until Binfer, we believed that replicating business data across the open ocean causing us a headache was just a cost of doing business. We were able to roll out Binfer on our vessels within a matter of days, and completely remove the hassle of data replication.”
Sankar Ragavan Photo
Sankar Ragavan
CEO, MariApps

Unlock Unprecedented ROI with Binfer

With Binfer, expect a surge in operational efficiency, substantial cost savings on satellite links, and a revolutionary reduction in data transfer times.

Our shipping clients have achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • Halved Data Transfer Time: Slash your data transfer durations by up to 50%, streamlining communication and operations.
  • Enhanced Operations: Keep critical shipboard information current, significantly boosting operational efficiency.
  • Overcome Email Limits: Easily share large documents and attachments, bypassing previous constraints due to email file size restrictions.

Binfer empowers maritime enterprises to navigate the digital realm with agility and precision, ensuring a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world.

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