File Sharing for Finance

Enabling Direct Communication

Keep the Confidential Truly Private

Binfer’s suite of tools allow you to communicate directly with your clients, with no data ever sitting on a third party server. By using Binfer, you can:

1. Eliminate duplication of your data on third-party servers

2. Send files of an unlimited size

3. Restrict data access by email address, by password, by IP address, or by expiration date

File sharing for finance has never been easier. With Binfer you can attach any file or folder size you’d like with a simple drag and drop.  External clients can send and receive without installing software or creating cumbersome profiles. Do all this without worrying about third party data domiciles, unauthorized access or storage limits.

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Binfer Removes the Middle Man

No Third Parties

Why should anyone other than the intended parties have access to your sensitive data? With Binfer there is no upload to intermediate servers, so the only places your files are ever stored are sender’s and recipient’s devices

Own Your Encryption Keys

Encryption keys are the most vital protection against intercepted data-in-motion. With Binfer, your encryption keys are created on your device, so the only person who can ever access them is you.

Real Time Audit

Have unlimited visibility into which files were picked up by whom, at what time, from where.

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"It is incredible how much function Binfer packs into such a simple interface."
Chief Marketing Officer
Chicago, IL

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The File Sharing application allows you to easily send any file type. No attachment restrictions, ever. File sharing for finance

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Web Drop

The web drop application allows you to easily receive large files from anyone with a simple drag and drop.

Binfer Moves Your Financial Data