File Sharing for Videographers

Expedited video sharing

Cut Down Video Delivery Time

Whether it’s a short film taken from your iPhone or large raw video files, Binfer makes file sharing for videographers a simple and fast process. It can take hours to upload video files. You are forced to compress and reduce the quality of your work to comply with the provider’s storage limitations. Interrupted file transfers can lead to hours, if not days, of wasted efforts.

With Binfer’s tools, you can quickly and securely send video files, of any format and any size, to anyone. A simple drag and drop saves you hours of waiting time and countless headaches.

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Move Large Video Files Effortlessly

No Attachment Limit

Video files can quickly become massive. With Binfer, you can attach any file type, any size. File sharing for videographers cannot get any easier!

Act As Your Own Storage

File delivery is 2-3x faster with no need to upload to a server. Instead, your file is transferred directly to the receiving party. 100% of your bandwidth is utilized to ensure the fastest data transfer speed possible.

Auto Resume Capabilities

If both parties have Binfer installed, file transfers automatically resume where they left off. So next time your internet connection is interrupted, you can pickup right where you left off.

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"Binfer gets my videos where they need to go faster. It's as simple as that."
Chicago, IL

Recommended Binfer Applications for Videography

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File Sharing

The File Sharing application allows you to easily send large video files, to anyone. No attachment restrictions, ever. If both parties have the Binfer application installed, transfers will automatically resume in the event of an internet connection disruption.

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Web Drop

The web drop application allows you to easily receive large files from anyone with a simple drag and drop. These files appear instantly on your desktop without the needing to download them. It's like file transfer magic!

Binfer Moves Your Videos

Get 3 Free Months of Unlimited Large File Transfer!

Be one of the first to try our brand-new unreleased Binfer desktop app. We’re looking for videographers who transfer very large files to join our private beta. We’re offering a three-month unlimited license that gives you unlimited file transfer of any file size for giving us your thoughts. Sign up below join!

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