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File Sharing, Reimagined.

Self-hosted, blazingly fast, and built with privacy at its core.​

Why Binfer?

Experience seamless file sharing and synchronization, combining unmatched performance, intuitive design, and top-tier security, designed to serve professionals and enterprises of all sizes.

Data Privacy Focus

Prioritizing Your Data's Security

Our self-hosted solution is built with data privacy at its core, ensuring that your information remains secure and under your control at all times.

Data Residency Control

You Choose Where Data Lives

Decide where your data resides, be it on local servers, specific geographic locations, or hybrid environments. Ensure compliance with regional data protection regulations.


Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Your Secrets Stay Yours

With our zero-knowledge encryption, even we can’t access your data. You hold the keys, ensuring that your files remain private and known only to you.

Two-Factor Authentication

Double the Defense

Add an extra layer of security with 2FA. Ensure that only authorized individuals can access the platform, even if passwords are compromised.

Large File Handling

Efficiently Manage Big Data

Our software is designed to handle large files seamlessly, ensuring smooth transfers without the typical challenges.

Enhanced Transfer Speed

Optimized for Quick Transfers

Utilizing advanced transfer protocols, our solution ensures efficient and rapid file movements, reducing wait times significantly.

Cost-Effective Excellence

Quality Features, Fair Pricing

Experience a range of top-tier features without the hefty price tag, ensuring you get value for your investment.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Consistent Experience Across Devices

Our solution is designed to work smoothly across Windows, macOS, Linux, and cloud platforms, ensuring a uniform experience.

Experience The Difference





An Integrated Suite For Your Data Transfer Needs