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It’s a Data Privacy Jungle Out There. To Send Large Files You Need the 4S’s

With so many companies failing at data privacy, it's comforting to know companies like Binfer make great tools for large file sharing and are trustworthy.
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It’s a Data Privacy Jungle Out There. To Send Large Files You Need the 4S’s

Doesn’t it seem like every other story in the news these days is related to data privacy? Or, should we say, our consistent and rather scary lack of data privacy. It’s literally a data jungle out there right now, and data privacy is like an endangered animal.

It’s gotten so bad, people are now justifiably hesitant to click or download anything. Anyone who asks for your email address is immediately suspect. Who knows what they’re up to, right?

But don’t be scared. We get it. Binfer completely understands how leery you are when it comes to downloading new software and trying new things. But if you’re in the market for file transfer software, we want you to know that we really, sincerely, genuinely value your privacy. We’re not just saying that. 

We never see, store, share or sell your data – ever. We just make large file sharing fast, easy and secure. That’s it.

You’re smart to be cautious, but if you need to send large files, or transfer lots of photos or large video files – perhaps your current cloud-based file sharing service is taking too long or you’re concerned about your data being stored on servers outside of your reach – it’s safe to try our file transfer software. We’re not interested in tracking your online movements. We don’t want to install anything to activate your cameras or record or extract your private data. We don’t want to do anything with your data without your permission.

We can’t see your data even if we wanted to – and we don’t want to. We built our products that way. At Binfer, we call ourselves data defenders, which is a bit superhero-ish, we know. But at the rate things are going, we may need someone in a cape to rescue us from this data privacy quagmire we’ve fallen into.

But real deal, when it comes to data privacy and large file sharing, Binfer believes in the 4 Ss: see, store, sell and service.

  1. We don’t see your data. Pardon us for being for blunt, but it’s none of our business what data you transfer. Binfer will never see the content when you use our file transfer software to send large files. We actually built our technology to prevent that. Data privacy should be more than an idea when it comes to the tools we use regularly to work and to facilitate our digital, personal lives.
  2. We don’t store your data. Binfer doesn’t use the cloud to send large files. Our file transfer software is based on a direct, device-to-device protocol that eliminates the need for the cloud. There’s no uploading, or downloading, no routing through third party servers to enable large file sharing. Your data is never stored anywhere, it’s never out of your control. Bonus, without the cloud we can transfer big files in half the time.
  3. We don’t sell your data. We’re not in the list business. We don’t collect your information with the intent to sell it to list brokers for advertising and who knows what else without your permission. We don’t collect your information. We think those eerily familiar – because you visited a web site – vaguely pushy ads that follow you from one device to another are as creepy as you do, and we want no part of helping to make that kind of nosy, Internet stalkery possible.
  4. We provide a valuable service. At the end of the day Binfer provides a service. We help digital creatives, companies and anyone who needs to move large amounts of data to do so quickly, easily and securely.

There is another S that Binfer believes in, it’s a close cousin to service – support. Things move so fast these days, and data is a part of so many of our lives in some form or fashion. At the end of the day, sometimes we just need a little help to get things done. Large file sharing, whether its videos, photos or other data, should not be hard. We don’t believe so, anyway.

Binfer makes it fast, easy and secure for you to send large files. That’s it. Why? Because we think you deserve ease of use as well as data privacy.