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You Can Have Fast Easy Large File Sharing and Believe In Your Tools

With so many companies failing at data privacy, it's comforting to know companies like Binfer make great tools for large file sharing and are trustworthy.
Binfer large file sharing send large files


You Can Have Fast, Easy, Large File Sharing and Believe In Your Tools

Most of the world’s billionaires reside in the U.S. Many of them are young, male and come from the technology industry.

Before all this data privacy hubbub blew up – and we realized just how vulnerable we are online or even on our smartphones – we put many of these tech leaders on extremely high pedestals. We praised their creativity and innovative business skill in creating products with massive appeal and far reaching impact on the world. Of course, now we’re giving them serious side eye and wondering what have they done to society, since many of us are addicted to their products, and all of the cracks are starting to show. Many of them – Google’s Sundar Pichai and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in particular – are back pedaling hard as they try to salvage their reputations and regain the public’s trust.

But like all file transfer software, all tech leaders are not the same. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was just in the news because Microsoft is now valued at $1 trillion. Most tech leaders would at least have exchanged the media equivalent of a high five, but he told Bloomberg News, “I would be disgusted if somebody ever celebrated our market cap.”

According to the article, “He insists the valuation—which passed $1 trillion on April 25 and is up more than 230 percent since his watch began in February 2014—is “not meaningful” and any rejoicing about such an arbitrary milestone would mark “the beginning of the end.”

The ego we’ve come to associate with leaders – and some tech leaders in particular – is markedly absent.

Rapidly-growing search engine DuckDuckGo seems refreshingly light on ego as well. According to its mission statement: “Too many people believe that you simply can’t expect privacy on the internet. We disagree.” A recent article in the Evening Standard, said the company is making the internet “less creepy” with its privacy protection mission.

Unlike some companies – Facebook, Google, darn near everybody – DuckDuckGo doesn’t track users’ data. Binfer is the same. We never see, share, store or sell our customers’ data. We make it easy to securely send large files, sync data and communicate privately. That’s it.

It’s great when your tech tools work, and you can actually believe in the companies – and the people – who make them. At Binfer we like to think of ourselves as data defenders, and we built our file transfer software to support that position. Not only do we choose not to access our customer’s data, we can’t see what our customers send if we wanted to. We choose to focus solely on service: facilitating large file sharing for digital creative professionals and companies alike. We help our customers to send large files quickly, easily and securely. That’s enough.

That’s a lot. Most cloud-based file transfer software can’t send, say, a 100 GB video file with a drag and drop. You’d need an FTP for that. But we specialize in very large file sharing with no file size, file type or file quantity restrictions. With Binfer you can send hundreds of photos or videos, or entire folders if you like, and fast.

It’s pretty cool, but we’re not patting ourselves on the back for it. Right now, we’re a small, scrappy tech start up, and we’re just happy to be able to provide this service in a marketplace where it’s needed.

So, when you reach a big number or a big milestone, if you’re going to celebrate, celebrate the people who got you this far for a brief moment. Then, go back to work. That’s what successful leaders do.