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Transfer Large Files

With Binfer file transfer software you can transfer large files in half the time as cloud-based alternatives like Dropbox. It's not only faster, it's easy and it's secure. Binfer never sees, stores or sells your data.
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Transfer Large Files

Why is it so hard? You try and try, but you just can’t seem to transfer large files easily, and most of the time you certainly can’t send large files quickly. As for security, well. That’s a nice idea, but who really knows these days. 

Any day now data privacy – and our lack thereof – will be a punchline on Saturday Night Live, if it’s not already. It’s not even funny. Trying to transfer large files can make you want to cry. But that old adage laugh or cry is appropriate.

Imagine this scenario. You’re a budding YouTuber. You haven’t decided if it’s the right career, or maybe the right business-related content development strategy for you. So, rather than make a very expensive investment in a fancy digital camera, you’re filming videos on your phone. The filming isn’t the issue. The problem starts when it’s time to transfer large video files from your phone to your laptop for editing.

Cloud-based file transfer software like Dropbox takes forever and a day to upload files. It’s almost painful to watch the percentages slowly rise, not just because it’s slow but because you don’t know if your file transfer will be interrupted – and you’ll have to start all over again. It can take an hour or more to transfer a 10-minute video. It’s discouraging.

It’s also frustrating because you have to stick around and monitor that file transfer. You’ve tried the multi-tasking bit where you quite logically start doing something else while you wait. Only too often you become engrossed in your next task, and the file transfer stops. You come back some time later expecting to begin your editing only to find yourself at ground zero.

What’s where Binfer can quite literally save the day. Our file transfer software doesn’t use the cloud. We developed a direct device-to-device protocol to transfer large files in half the time. Further, because we don’t use the cloud we eliminate a lot of security risk.

The cloud is really just someone’s server. You’re transferring your data to a third party server where it’s stored before it’s transferred again. You don’t really know what happens to your files during that process. That uncertainty could translate to a hack, your data being sold to a list, etc. Binfer never stores, sells or sees your data.

Here’s how that YouTube video upload scenario would go if you use Binfer instead of DropBox:

  • Film your 10-minute masterpiece.
  • Download Binfer file transfer software onto your laptop or computer.
  • We have a product called Web Drop. Create a Web Drop – a tutorial for that is on the bottom of this page – and email yourself the link.
  • Click and open the link on your phone.
  • Select your video file, and use the Web Drop to send the file to your laptop. Even if your file transfer is interrupted, Binfer has an auto-resume function so you don’t have to start the file transfer over from scratch.

Or, let’s say you have a ton of large, high res photos that you need to send to a client. If you use Binfer you don’t have to alter the photos, compressing and zipping and what not to facilitate the file transfer. Even better, you can send them all at once – we don’t have file size, type or quantity restrictions – and it’s as easy as drag and drop.

Your recipient will be able to view pretty thumbnails of all the photos. This will make it easy to choose which ones to download first, if that’s a priority. These little extras touches in the large file sharing experience make you look as good as your pictures.

It shouldn’t be hard to transfer large files. It should be quick, easy, and it should be secure. Binfer allows you to transfer large files via email (like) message, web drop or via a link. Really, everything in life should be this simple.