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Send Large Files Without Email

You can send large files without email and without hassle. Use Binfer file transfer software for fast, easy and secure large file sharing.
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Send Large Files Without Email

Considering how much time people spend sending and receiving email, you’d think someone would have figured out a way to make it easy to use it for large file sharing. It’s not like file sharing is an integral task in most knowledge worker and creative professionals’ lives or anything. Sorry. Sarcasm isn’t going to solve the problem of how to send large files without email.

Seriously, though? Trying to send large files can be just as aggravating as ill timed sarcasm. Without the right file transfer software, it’s like, prepare yourself for heartache. That’s a tiny bit dramatic, but what should be a simple task routinely turns into a lot of extra work.

Should you break up the images into multiple emails? Should you zip them, compress them, or otherwise compromise your photos and videos size and quality to make them easier to send? Which file transfer software will take some of the pain away? That last one is a doozy because all of the large file sharing options on the market do not perform the same way.

Large File Sharing in the Cloud Has Limitations

For one thing, most of those options are cloud-based. Cue sad music. Cloud-based file transfers aren’t completely bad, but they have two serious limitations: speed and security.

The cloud-based file transfer options on the market typically require a time-consuming upload and download process that cannot only drive you crazy, it can suck precious time away from more strategic and creative tasks to advance your business. Why watch the slow, painful file upload percentages rise when you can transfer big files in half the time, and move on to the next thing?

The security piece is another important consideration. Our data privacy is already in peril – many times through no fault of our own – thanks to the sell-your-data-without-your-permission tactics employed by many of the companies we use every day. Large file sharing providers shouldn’t be among those companies. Your data is too important not to secure it.

Send Large Files Easily and Have Data Privacy

With Binfer you can send large files without email, quickly, easily and securely. Here’s how it works:

  • We don’t use the cloud. There are no uploads, no downloads, we send large files from sender to recipient, and there are no layovers for data storage in third-party servers. We developed a direct, device-to-device protocol so that we can transfer big files – very big files of any file size or quantity – in half the time as the typical cloud-based alternative. 
  • We built our file transfer software so that we can’t see your data even if we wanted to – and we don’t want to. It’s none of our business. We provide a service, well, a series of interrelated services around large file sharing and private enterprise communication. That’s it.
  • We also never store or sell your data. We believe so strongly in data privacy, we can confidently and eternally make our customers that promise. It’s been our MO since Binfer was founded – long before data privacy became a regular segment in the media. So, you will never learn down the line that Binfer was secretly tracking your data content and movements, building lists and selling your data so that some other company can push you creepy ads. That’s just gross.

At the end of the day, you should be able to execute simple work tasks without a lot of complications. The ability to send large files without email is a critical part of work in so many industries and professions. With Binfer, large file sharing, whether its videos, photos or other data, isn’t hard.

We make it fast, easy and secure for you to send large files. Nothing more, nothing less. Why? That’s simple: We think you deserve ease of use when it comes to large file sharing as well as data privacy.