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Taking a Stand for Data Privacy

For Binfer, when it comes to data privacy and file transfer software, the old phrase: “stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” holds merit.


Taking a Stand for Data Privacy

When it comes to data privacy and file transfer software, the old phrase: “stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” holds quite a bit of merit. It’s unclear who first said it. Different iterations have been passed down over the years, but the sentiment is still strong today. It’s particularly relevant to the ongoing hubbub around data privacy.

Thanks to social media, it can be cool for companies to use their brands and platforms to publicize their beliefs. According to a Sprout survey, two-thirds (66%) of respondents feel it’s important for brands to take a public stance on leading social and political issues.

Of course, it can also be dangerous. More than one company has found itself in hot water – or out of business – after sharing a political opinion. Take Tucson, Arizona-based Cup It Up American Grill, for example. In 2017, two of the restaurant’s partners created a Facebook post detailing their political beliefs. They included: “support for President Trump, standing for the national anthem and repealing Obamacare, and opposition to fake news and the concept of global warming.

“That post, which went up at noon Friday, also announced that they would not broadcast NFL games at the restaurant in light of players’ kneeling during the anthem.” The backlash was so severe, the grill closed less than a week later.

Binfer Believes 100% in Data Privacy 

With plenty of examples like that to choose from, it might seem like it’s not worth it to take a chance on offending customers. Especially since consumers today are savvy enough that you can’t really sway them. According to the aforementioned survey, 66% of respondents say their opinions are rarely or never influenced by what brands post on social and political issues. But in a time when companies are banding together to take ads out in the New York Times to protest government legislation, it is important that organizations have a relevant position.

Our messaging at Binfer is consistent. This shouldn’t be at all surprising, but here and now we are officially taking a stand for data privacy. Binfer makes file transfer software and other tools to facilitate fast, easy, secure collaboration and communication. We’re probably never going to talk about what the President’s doing. Our position on data privacy, however, is very straight forward – we’re 100% pro.

We will never see, store or sell our customers’ data – ever. We can’t even if we wanted to – and we don’t want to. We’ve literally built our file transfer software and other products to ensure that our customers never have to worry about data breaches or leaks. It’s a promise we made upon our inception, and one we’ve kept and will continue to keep.

We saw the writing on the wall before the media made data privacy a household phrase. For instance, we knew that the cloud, while certainly effective for large file sharing in its way, had serious limitations – namely speed and security.

Data Privacy Isn’t a New Issue

Before you give us too much credit. Other companies may not admit it, but they saw the same writing we did. We’re not clairvoyant, we’re technologists. We understand the innards that power our favorite social media platforms and e-commerce sites, and we understand their inherent vulnerabilities. Binfer just chose to do something about it.

Our position on data privacy isn’t convenient. It’s not a case of “Look, let’s jump on the bandwagon following yet another huge, potentially disastrous data breach.” Data privacy is a huge part of who we are – of who we’ve always been. Unlike a lot of extremely recognizable, extremely popular companies – no shade no tea – we didn’t ignore the data privacy issues associated with data transfer. We built something to prevent them while simultaneously enabling large file sharing.

Please forgive us if it sounds like we’re patting ourselves on the back. We are, a little. We’re proud to take this position on data privacy. For us, it’s really important, and we think it should be important for you too.

Binfer file transfer software makes it easy to transfer big files. That’s one of our core reasons for being. We also make sure our customers’ data stays safe while it’s in transit. With Binfer, your data will never be stored on a third-party server somewhere outside of your control. Using our direct device-to-device file sharing technology, you can send large files from your device to your recipient, and most times it’s as easy as drag and drop.


The back end is largely irrelevant, right? Most consumers don’t care how it works. They just know that with Binfer it’s super easy to transfer big files, whether they’re large video files or folders full of high res photos. It’s about function, performance, reliability. It’s that simple. For us, data privacy is the same. Or, it should be the same – simple. It’s none of our business what’s in your data transfers; we just help you do it.

We specialize in large file sharing, and we’re happy to stay in our lane:

  • We don’t have file size, file type or file quantity restrictions.
  • We don’t use the cloud, so there’s no uploading or downloading, and transfers happen in half the time as typical cloud-based file transfer software.
  • We use a direct, device-to-device file sharing technology that makes it super easy to send large files, videos, or photos with a simple drag and drop.
  • Our customers’ data is always secure.

That’s Binfer.