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Why Can’t I Transfer Big Files?

The real reason you can’t transfer big files is simple – you’re probably not using the right file transfer software.
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Why Can't I Transfer Big Files?

Well, it’s because life is just generally unfair. Someone somewhere decided that it was entirely appropriate for you to be aggravated some portion of every day by your inability to execute a basic tech-based task. Okay, not really. Well, maybe a little. But no one wants to dive into some existential dilemma type discussion when they’re just trying to get work done, right? The real reason you can’t transfer big files is simple – you’re probably not using the right tool.

So, your next question is likely, what is the right tool? You know Binfer has one – actually, we have several – for you, but before we tell you what it is, we’d like to state for the record that there are many file transfer software options on the market. Many of them are rooted in the cloud. The key to quick, secure, and successful large file sharing does not, however, necessarily lie in the cloud. It’s an option, but it’s definitely not the only option.

The Cloud Has Limitations When You Transfer Big Files

With many of the aforementioned cloud-based file transfer software tools, you have to contend with restrictions on file size, file type and file quantity. If you’re trying to send large video files, for instance, that’s an equally large problem. And let’s keep it real: Aren’t most video files large? With Binfer, you can send folders filled with jpgs if you want to.

Then, the whole upload-download aspect of cloud-based file transfers is a huge time suck. It can literally seem like you’re watching your life pass you by while you wait for large files to upload to a server somewhere – and that’s before you ever send them to whoever is waiting for the data, videos, photos, etc. Don’t get us started on file interruptions during the upload. That’s a whole other irritation.

Unlike cloud-based file sharing platforms, Binfer doesn’t rely on servers to move your large files. We built a direct, device-to-device connection that sends your files to whoever you like with no pit stops. There is no uploading to, storing on, or transferring data through someone else’s server, which is what takes up so much time. Our direct transfer protocol can transfer files of any size in half the time of cloud-based alternatives.

You Need Security and Large File Sharing Capability

Another problem with cloud-based file transfer options is security. These days, you can’t go a week without seeing some large-scale data security breach or data privacy scandal in the media. It’s seriously disturbing, and it’s not just other people, or large companies, who are affected. You could be at risk as well. Hackers are remarkably diplomatic when it comes to data pilfering, and unlike the large companies, many of us every day folk don’t have a ton of money with which to get straightened out post-hack.

But here at Binfer we consider ourselves data defenders. If we were a superhero, we’d legit wear a red cape and have the Binfer B prominently displayed on our chest. Anyway, the point is, unlike cloud-based file sharing platforms, we don’t rely on servers to move your files. Remember how we said there’s no uploading or storing data? That’s our direct file transfer protocol at work. Large files move from sender to recipient – period.

Our stance on privacy and security is rooted in how we actually built our file transfer software. Not only do we never store your data, we never look at it either. We built it so that we can’t see your data even if we wanted to. So, we won’t be pushing you any scarily appropriate advertising. Ew, creepy. We just make it easy for you to send large files quickly, easily and securely, and most of the time it’s as easy as drag and drop.

At Binfer, we think it’s important for you – or your organization – to always know where your data lives. That way, you can maintain control over it. Not using the cloud reduces many of the risks associated with large file sharing because we never store data, so what’s there to hack?

We’ve basically figured out how you can transfer big files without a magic wand, or some other tool that isn’t easy to download to your laptop or deploy throughout your enterprise. It’s fairly easy. All you do is – well, never mind. We’ll keep some mystery. You probably don’t care anyway, right? You want a cure for the, “how do I transfer big files” dilemma not a brain dump on tech. But if you ever do wanna talk tech, let us know. We’re adorably nerdy.

Was that too much? Anyway, try us. You’ll like us.