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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Securely Send Large Files Without Email

It's exhausting trying to dodge all of the data breaches floating around out there. But it's not as big of a challenge to send large files without email - and keep your data secure - with the right file transfer software.


The Lazy Person’s Guide to Securely Send Large Files Without Email

People are lazy when it comes to data privacy and security. Most of us want to secure our data, but not many of us actually take any steps to do so. It’s not entirely our fault though.

For one thing, companies make it extremely hard to opt out when it comes to limiting them sharing our data with advertisers and basically whoever they want. Add social networks, apps and search engines into the mix, and it’s even more difficult to secure your data. Between cookies, algorithms, and this uber creepy rash of tech around facial recognition software that seems just a patent away from being unleashed on our selfie-loving world, it’s disheartening to say the least.

There Are Data Thieves Everywhere

And then there are data-deficient e-commerce situations to contend with, like hotels faulty, hacker-friendly online booking systems. And speaking of hotels, if the online booking data breaches aren’t enough to chew on, how about these even more gruesome invasions of privacy via criminals who live stream unsuspecting hotel guests, and then sell subscriptions?

It’s enough to make you want to just stay home, or go off the grid and eschew technology all together. Okay, maybe not. But it’s rough out here. It’s starting to feel like your everyday life is up for grabs to whichever hacker is most interested.

When your data is compromised, so many things can go wrong: loss of reputation, trust, clients, time, money, the list is potentially endless. Even worse is how fast things can go bad – and too often the breach is completely outside your control. You know what we mean; hello Facebook and any other large organization that’s been in the news lately for compromising millions of people’s personal data.

You’re One Click Away from Disaster

It’s not just external forces that you have to be wary of. There are internal dangers to contend with as well, especially in the work environment. The biggest one? Let’s just call it, beware the random click. Phishing expeditions are no joke. You’d think by now we’d be wise to this type of online trickery, but criminals are getting incredibly sophisticated at disguising themselves and prompting the unsuspecting into innocently clicking where no person should click – ever.

Then, remote workers have to beware of wifi infiltration. Someone literally may be watching you through the camera on your laptop, or making free with all of the personal and financial information you have sitting in open tabs and logged in accounts. Just one slip will give them the keys to your data kingdom. There are so many ways criminals can access your information. Even rogue USBs can be dangerous.

Yet, the nature of business today often requires that knowledge workers and creatives expose themselves to risk on a regular basis. Sending large files, for instance. That simple, continuously necessary task can literally be fraught with peril. But there’s no way to get around it, and email – which is also easily compromised – is often not up to the task, since the max file size your email can handle is 25MB. You know how it goes. Try sending more than one attachment in an email and see how fast your frustration builds. Figuring out how to send large files is like the holy grail for creatives and knowledge workers.

Use File Transfer Software to Send Large Files 

The answer isn’t as far away as you might think, however. File transfer software can help you send large files without email. The trick is you have to get the right file transfer software. There are a lot of options on the market, but while they may seem remarkably similar, they don’t all perform the same.

Obviously one of your key considerations is security. Duh, that’s a key point in this article. Binfer can send large files quickly, easily and securely. What makes us even more special is there are no restrictions on file size, file type or file quantity. You can send huge video files, a folder full of large jpgs, you can send entire directories if you want to, and most of the time it’s as easy as drag and drop. Cool, right. But what’s even cooler is our stance on privacy and security. We consider ourselves data defenders, if you will, and tech is our weapon.

Unlike cloud-based file sharing platforms, Binfer doesn’t rely on servers to move your data. We built a direct connection between devices instead of storing or transferring data through someone else’s server. This direct transfer protocol means large files of any size can transfer in half the time of cloud-based alternatives. Your data is never uploaded to servers, and that means you always know where your data lives, and you always have control.

It also reduces the chances that your precious data will be hacked and then used in some criminal enterprise that will ultimately lead back to you and a possible jail sentence. Okay, we totally made that last bit up – and it was really dramatic – but Binfer does seriously reduce your large file sharing risk. We never store data, so what’s there to hack? Plus, we never even look at your data, not even a peek. We built our file transfer software so that we can’t see your data even if we wanted to.

So, you’re covered. We have figured out how to securely send large files without email. Cue trumpets and assorted fanfare. Try us. You’ll like us.