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Binfer, Not Your Everyday Enterprise Sync Solution

Enterprise data synchronization is extremely useful when it comes to data and file sharing. The right enterprise sync solution can save you time and money. But not all enterprise sync products perform the same.


Binfer, Not Your Everyday Enterprise Sync Solution

Enterprise data synchronization is extremely useful when it comes to data and file sharing. With the right tool, your organization will have control over its data, your company will have privacy and data security, and your systems will be more resilient because you can sync data from anywhere.

The right enterprise sync solution can save you time, which naturally saves you money. For example, let’s say your organization regularly experiences any kind of connectivity issues – like spotty satellite connections. The right enterprise sync solution will offer a robust auto-resume so there’s no need to start file transfers again should a connection falter or end before you finish sending, say, 300 large files at one time.

However, all enterprise sync products do not perform the same. Many sync products currently on the market simply don’t have the capability to send that much data at once; they still follow the hub and spoke model using the cloud. The cloud works, but companies that operate within it often have to contend with a lot of restrictions on file size, type and quantity.

Not Binfer. With our enterprise sync solution, you can sync entire directories if you want, and it’s easy to replicate any file size or quantity. Even better? We can transfer your data in half the time you’re used to.

Binfer Doesn’t Use the Cloud

The cloud also presents data security and privacy concerns. When you store data on the cloud, it’s distributed to multiple servers, and copied here and there so that if one server goes down, your data can be recovered. But what if you don’t want your data in multiple places or controlled by a third party?

Binfer’s enterprise sync solution doesn’t use the cloud. We give you total control over your data. There’s no need to worry about it; you’ll know exactly where your data is at all time. The use cases are endless:

  • Sync promotes R&D: Organizations can quickly share gigabytes of data between R&D functions or departments.
  • Sync enables fast disaster recovery in the event of an incident: You can set how often you back up mission critical data, files, and systems to minimize potential loss.
  • Sync enables super fast server data replication over any network limitation.

Companies want centralized device management. They want security. We get it. That’s why our enterprise sync solution runs a 256-bit AES encryption, and you get to keep the keys on your devices. Even better, you can use our Private Cloud module to create a secure network where only authorized devices can participate in sync.

Binfer Offers Measurable Value

We also understand the value of data transparency. Our enterprise sync solution will give your organization the analytics and reporting capabilities it needs to track all file transfers and audit data. Our XML reports can be automatically generated to be consumed by your CRM, ERP and other systems. We even track IP addresses.

An organization’s business operations and sync capabilities shouldn’t have to slow down because of data and file sharing limitations. Given the increasingly fast pace of global business, sync efficiency and reliability aren’t nice to have, companies need to have them. Unnecessary delays are just too costly.

With Binfer’s enterprise sync product there are no limits on file size, type or quantity, which makes it easy to collaborate on large, complex projects that involve multiple departments and/or global offices. You can sync entire directories if you like, and it’s easy to replicate any file size or type.

We even made enterprise sync easy to use. You can deploy on Windows, OSX, Linux, Raspberry Pi or any device that supports a JVM. We offer background service and desktop apps, and you don’t need special hardware or software to deploy Binfer sync. Our background service mode ensures that sync runs even after a restart.

Even better? There are no API’s or custom development to integrate. Are you using Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure? No problem. Binfer Sync integrates with your existing file system so you can mirror data across your organization.

Flexibility is important. With our enterprise sync solution, you can create any kind of sync, replication or backup environment: one to many, many to one, mirror, behind DMZ, you pick exactly how you want your data to move.

Binfer makes file synchronization an automatic process. Our secure sync solution supports uninterrupted data transfer between multiple devices, and move files faster and more reliably than cloud-based platforms. We create a private cloud between your organizations’ servers and devices, enabling easy data replication and communication whether devices are in the same room or out at sea.

At the end of the day, sync is useful for companies in a variety of industries from professional services, logistics, transportation, retail to private equity. It gives professionals an easy way to send, receive and share data. A company can control who has access to what data, and then it can track all of the data activity. Essentially, sync offers auditing, compliance, security and privacy, all while simultaneously enabling work.

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