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Ruthless Indifference Is Best When It Comes to Large File Sharing

The leaks and wanton data disrespect so common today? Binfer is indifferent to those struggles because we built our file transfer software around the idea that data is sacred - especially when it comes to large file sharing.
large file sharing and data privacy should be a team


Ruthless Indifference Is Best When It Comes to Large File Sharing

Social media platforms like Twitter are littered with angst-ridden people complaining about major file transfer software providers. A lot of them, actually, most of those solutions are cloud-based. Between complaints about how long it takes to upload files and worries over whether copies of their files are being stored, used and how, geez. You can almost feel wrinkles forming from the stress.

That’s why we’ve got beef with the cloud. Okay, that was too strong a sentence. At Binfer we don’t actually have beef with the cloud. We just recognize it has limitations – namely, security and speed. It’s why we built our file transfer software without it. Our direct, service-to-device protocol can send large files wherever you want them to go – including China – in half the time it takes the typical cloud-based provider.

We’re practicing a kind of ruthless indifference when it comes to our customers’ data. Not because we’re mean, or because we aren’t concerned, but because we think it’s only right that companies that offer data-related services be extremely conscious of their customers’ right to privacy. That’s why we never see, store or sell your data.

Of course, we certainly don’t want you to use Binfer to engage in anything shady. But sometimes ruthless indifference is exactly what you need in your life, and not just in your preferred method to send large files. When you remain ruthlessly indifferent to upheavals you can achieve a singular level of focus that can generate all kinds of upside: consistency in execution, discipline, redirection of valuable time, energy and resources toward things that create greater returns. These things have applications in personal as well as professional situations.

For instance, disciplined, consistent execution and redirection of time and energy can lead to positive lifestyle changes like weight loss and improved health. They can help you to build a profitable business, write a book, maybe all of the above.

Look at a dog. You could be acting like a complete fool, flailing your arms, yelling, unless you’re throwing things and they’re in imminent danger, most dogs will just look at you like little furry Buddhas, as if to say, this too shall pass. They might – might – bark in sympathy because dogs are cool like that. But most of them will just tilt their heads and look away, the epitome of unbothered, or, of indifference.

Dogs are smart. They understand how to conserve energy and focus on the important things. When it comes to foolishness, they are often ruthlessly indifferent. That’s how we are with your data. When it comes to large file sharing, our primary objective is to help you move your data from one place to another as fast, easy and affordably as possible. That’s it.

The data breaches and leaks and wanton disrespect that is so common in today’s tales of data misuse by some of the world’s largest, most used, most profitable companies? That’s not gonna happen with Binfer. Even as we shake our heads over it all, in practice we can remain indifferent to the struggles because we built our file transfer software around the idea that data is sacred. We can’t see your data even if we wanted to. We’re literally made that way.

We like to think of ourselves as data defenders when it comes to your right to data privacy. If you didn’t explicitly give someone permission to access or use your data, they shouldn’t – period.

Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. But Binfer can’t impact everything. For instance, we can’t do anything about the nosy, creepy algorithms that watch how you behave online, and then push you more of those same things. The business world has adopted that behavior, and sadly, as of right now, that’s how it is.

However, when it comes to your data, we can choose not to do the same thing. Binfer respects your right to data privacy. It’s why we don’t see, sell or store your data. When it comes to large file sharing, we just move the data, and we move it fast and easy. That’s it.