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Use Case for a Secure File Sharing for Business

Companies face a common dilemma today surrounding how to efficiently send large files without compromising security. Most rely on email or cloud-based platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and WeTransfer. As workers scramble to meet tight deadlines, these solutions are often fast and easy to use option for transferring files. When the data files being sent are very large or very sensitive, however, these solutions come with two major drawbacks: size restrictions and reduced security. Binfer is a secure file sharing software for business that addresses these two common drawbacks without impacting efficiency. How? By connecting devices directly without using clouds and protecting all transfers with 256-bit AES.

Example Use Case

Meet John. John is a Senior Accountant and works for a company located in Washington. For internal and external communications, John typically uses email. While email is often effective, he repeatedly faces the same difficulties toward the year-end closing period. First, he must send large amounts of data to auditors including big spreadsheets and reports for current and past years. John’s email has a 15 MB size limit, so he must split his message into the separate emails to send the data to auditors. John can bypass this issue by using Dropbox, but that leads to the second issue: security. The data John is sending is highly sensitive and all data sent via email or cloud services are uploaded and saved on third servers, being potentially susceptible to data breaches.

John is overwhelmed with deadlines and his large volume of work doesn’t allow time for extensive research to find a solution. John wishes he knew of a quick and easy solution. Until then, however, John will continue using email and Dropbox, simply dealing with the drawbacks and hoping a data breach doesn’t occur.

What John needs is Binfer, a software that provides a more secure, fast and efficient way for communicating files of any size. His first step would be to download Binfer’s software to his computer, a step that takes about 60 seconds. Second, John could test Binfer’s secure message module by entering a recipient’s email address and attaching a large test file. Once tested, John could roll out this solution for live business use cases, connecting with auditors and providing a way for them to download his large and sensitive files quickly and securely.


The time when companies could look past security concerns is gone. Most refuse to use cloud services for internal and external communication and need a better option. Binfer provides that solution in a cost-effective and easy to use all-in-one platform.

Binfer provides the convenience of the cloud in the privacy of your own environment. Users never have size limits and all data is sent direct device to device with 256-bit encryption. Its user-friendly interface installs in minutes and provides numerous modules for data sharing, web drop, web pickup, chat, and sync. Binfer allows you to set up and manage authorized users and keeps all data sent free from third party cloud storage.