Private photo sharing

Privately Share Important Family Photos

The Situation

Bill just had one of the best days of his life. His daughter just got married! Over the course of the weekend, Bill took hundreds of photos, and he now wants to share them with his closest family and friends. Bill does not use any cloud-based file sharing  platforms because he finds them invasive and cumbersome to use. Bill often seeks private photo sharing and other media platforms as his preferred means of transferring media. 

The Problem

Bill needs a way to get high-resolution photo files to the most important people in his life. He is reluctant to use a cloud-based file sharing service because he wants the files to remain private. They are not the business of anyone who was not involved. He also does not want to get stuck facing arduous file size limitations.

Bill does not think it is too much to ask for there to be a service that feels like email, so he can just pick his recipients, send the files, and have them go straight across.

The Solution

Bill recalled that after his cousin Mary’s wedding, he had received tons of photos and it was super easy. He asked Mary how she did it, and she recommended Binfer.

Binfer makes this file transfer easy with an email-like interface and no file size limits. Bill simply types in the email addresses of his intended recipients, drags-and-drops the folder with all of his photos, and presses send. His family and close friends get an email with a link to download the photos, and just like that- the files are ready to move across.

And perhaps best of all, the photos move directly from Bill’s device to his recipients’, so they are never stored on any public third party server. The best way to engage in private photo sharing. 

Bill’s family was able to relive the good times of the wedding right away, just as it should be.

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