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Share lots of large photos privately and securely

The Situation

Bill just had one of the best times of his life – his youngest daughter got married. Over the course of an emotional, beautiful and memory packed weekend, he took hundreds of photos, and now he wants to share the high resolution images with close family and friends.

The Problem

Bill doesn’t want to use a typical cloud-based file sharing platform. He’s worried about data privacy and security, and the upload time investment is way too much to deal with. He wants a private photo sharing file transfer software option that’s fast, easy and most of all – secure.

The Solution

Bill recalled that after his cousin Mary’s wedding, he received tons of photos, and it was super easy to access them. He asked Mary how she did it, and she recommended Binfer.

Binfer makes this type of file transfer easy with an email-like interface and no file size, type or quantity limits. Thanks to a 256 bit encryption – the same level most global banks use – it’s also completely secure. All Bill has to do is type in the email addresses for his intended recipients, drag-and-drop the folder with all of his photos, and press send. 

Roughly the time it takes to send an email later, his family and close friends get a link in an email to download the photos. All of the photos move directly from Bill’s device to his recipients. They’re never stored on any public third party server.

It’s really the best way to engage in private photo sharing. With Binfer Bill’s family can relive the good times from the wedding right away, as they should.