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File Sharing for Personal Use

Helping you share the important moments

File sharing, simplified

With Binfer’s suite of tools, personal file sharing has never been easier. You can easily exchange files with anyone you’d like. By removing the file attachment barrier that other file transfer services impose, you can quickly share captured memories; from video files of a major event to 100’s of photographs from the recent family vacation.

Binfer eliminates many steps that make file sharing a cumbersome process. All of your files can automatically be encrypted, compressed, and downloaded with the push of a button. 

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Binfer removes the barriers from file sharing

No Attachment Limit

Email clients typically limit your maximum attachment size to 25MB. With Binfer, you can send or receive any file size you'd like.

Direct File Transfer

Have peace of mind knowing that your files are going directly to the person intended. Never are any third party servers involved.

Easy To Use

Binfer's easy to use interface feels just like email. Just add a recipients email, drag and drop your files, and press send!

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"Binfer is an easy way to send and receive videos or photos of important events. Whether it be weddings, get-to-togethers, or birthdays, Binfer is my default platform for sharing important files."

Recommended Binfer Products for Personal File Sharing

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File Sharing

The File Sharing application allows you to easily send files, small and large, to anyone. No attachment restrictions, ever.

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Web Drop

The web drop application allows you to easily receive large files from anyone with a simple drag and drop.

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