File Sharing For Media Professionals

Videographers, Photographers, and Creatives

The Cloud is Slowing You Down

Every media professional deserves full control, security and efficiency of their digital asset management.

Take out the middle man and take back control with Binfer.

Binfer’s direct Device-to-Device data transfer technology makes exchanging information secure, reliable, easy, and fast and affordable.

You don’t have to worry about user accounts, unauthorized access or storage limits anymore with Binfer.

As simple as drag-and-drop, you can:

1. Transfer file at 2-3x the speed of current file transfer solutions

2. Increase your productivity

3. Get unparalleled security

A Creative solution for creative folks

No Attachment Limit

Video or image files can quickly become massive. Sharing proofs or large RAW files shouldn't be a hassle. With Binfer, you can attach any file type, any size. File sharing for videographers cannot get any easier!

Act As Your Own Storage

There is no need to pay another service to host your photos. You can deliver photos from your own website by simply pasting a few lines of code.

Move at the Speed of Business

File delivery is 2-3x faster with no need to upload to a server. Instead, your file is transferred directly to the receiving party. 100% of your bandwidth is utilized to ensure the fastest data transfer speed possible.

Auto Resume Capabilities

If both parties have Binfer installed, file transfers automatically resume where they left off. So next time your internet connection is interrupted, you can pick up right where you left off.

Easy To Use

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. And that is exactly how you share photos with Binfer. Directly from sender to recipient. No upload to intermediate servers, which cuts down delivery time in half.

Customer reviews

"Binfer is a quick and easy way to send and receive photos of important events. From weddings to birthdays, Binfer is my default platform for sharing important files."


"Binfer gets my videos where they need to go faster. It's as simple as that. I no longer spend hours waiting for videos to upload only to take them down later."


“With about a 2 minute setup, Binfer makes everyone’s computer act as one. When a team member in Dubai changes a file, it is automatically updated everwhere. "

Creative Manager

File Sharing For Photographers

  • Enabling Seamless Photo Transfer
  • The fastest photo transfer tool; accelerate your content creation

File Sharing For Videographers

  • Expedited Video Sharing
  • Cut down video delivery time & move large video files effortlessly

File Sharing For Agencies

  • Blazing Fast Media Sharing
  • Cut down video delivery time & move large video files effortlessly

Until now, professions have had to buy multiple separate solutions to meet their needs. 5-in-1 solution includes: file sharing, communication, web drop, sync, and private cloud.

Special Offer!

$ 20 One Time
  • 250GB Data
  • 15 Sync Rules
  • 15 Web Drops
  • All other features
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Available On Desktop Only