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How to Send Large Video Files

Imagine this. You’re a budding YouTube star, actively working your channel. You’re playing it smart and getting a feel for the business before you invest in expensive equipment. So, you’re using your smart phone and a simple tripod to create the content. But there’s a problem.

Your “office” is Starbucks or the public library where you can use fast wifi. Uploading the video files from your phone to the platform takes forever on a good day. On a bad one it takes even longer. Uploads stop – usually when they’re nearly done – and you have to start all over again. That can happen over and over and over. It’s a seriously new level of frustrating.

Who has that kind of time? You need to move on to the next task.

Or, imagine this. You’re a videographer. You need to send files for your latest project to a client or a collaborator. Or, maybe you’re at an event, and you need to send the raw footage to a peer for editing before it’s posted to the web and social media. But there’s a problem: Large video files can be tough to move from A to B quickly.

Even if neither of these scenarios sounds familiar, if you’ve had large video file sharing issues in the past, what if you could transfer large files from one place to another without that slow, upload to a server hassle? Whether the files are on a mobile device or on a desktop, what if you could send them where they need to go, from any device, quickly and easily? Oh, and as an added bonus, the file sharing process is completely private?

That’s actually possible. It’s not expensive, nor is it technologically complex. Just use Binfer.

You don’t need to zip or compress your video files. There’s no limit on the file size you can send, nor are you restricted to certain file types. We don’t even place limits on how many files you can send at a time. Actually – and forgive us for tooting our own horn a bit, it’s beneficial to you, we swear – we shine at large video file transfers of 4 GB and up. However big, however many, whatever format your large video files come in, Binfer lets you send them privately to any recipient anywhere in the world, fast. 

We understand that for videographers and media people there’s a constant push and pull between the need to get their work done, and the ongoing battle against the technology they need to make it happen. No one has the time or the inclination to wait for an upload to complete because they need that end product before they can move on to the next thing.

Binfer’s direct transfer software lets you move data directly without waiting to upload to the cloud. With us it’s drag and drop or access via clicking a link. For videographers or any professional who produces large videos – VR, 3D videos, 3D walk throughs, AR, game developers, and all of the small video production shops all over the world trying to create and send content – that means a ton of time saved.

Let’s say, you’re a videographer creating a project on Adobe, and you have 10 files that you’re collaborating with other people on. You can drag and drop them all at the same time, and it will go from sender to recipient with no lag. Cool, right?

We’ve made large file sharing easy. Your data is never stored on a third-party server. So, there’s no need to worry about data breaches. Your message and files are only ever stored on the sending and receiving device.

Plus, can we see your data. There’s no peeking so we can push you targeted advertising. We built our tools so that we can’t see your data even if we wanted to. We don’t collect or store your information, so we don’t – we can’t – sell it either. Binfer simply offers you an inexpensive solution to save you time, aggravation, and make it safe and easy to send or transfer large video files.

Our auto resume is also helpful. Let’s say you close your laptop after working in Starbucks, go home, open it up, and files immediately start transferring between desktops. It will never restart from the beginning. That’s huge, right?

Binfer is designed around time saving and convenience. We offer you an alternative to problematic large video file sharing that’s quick, easy and affordable. You can even send large video files internationally, to any country with strict data residency laws.

Download our app, signup for an account and a monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go plan. Try us. You’ll like us.