Binfer 3.1 Released – Secure Instant Messaging

3.1 is a major update to Instant Messaging(live chat) component. Live chat is a lesser known feature of Binfer but packs in quite a punch. Binfer instant messaging is secure, private, encrypted, serverless and free! The big difference between Binfer and other instant messaging programs is that your conversation is not stored on any third party servers. Encrypted text messages transfer directly from sender to receiver.

  1. Secure instant messaging

    Having a private conversation is a basic expectation of online communication. However, when you use central server based messaging software, there is no guarantee of private communication! With Binfer, your live chat conversations are not saved on our servers; they are kept off the record. Text messages are encrypted to prevent any eavesdropper from listening in.
  2. Serverless zero maintenance online chat software

    Binfer live chat does not require central servers or an administrator to manage the text messaging software. Users simply install Binfer on their computers, connect with each other and are ready for secure communication. This is perfectly suited for offices, education institutes or non-profits where cost is of concern.
  3. Cross platform

    Available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (other devices coming soon).
  4. Drag and drop file sharing

    Drag and drop files or folders directly into the instant messaging window. Auto resume feature will ensure that all files get transferred, even if they get interrupted. If you are sharing photos, then recipient can see instant preview of the first six photos.
  5. Share emotions

    A picture is worth thousand words and chat emoticons provide you with 170+ ways to share what you are feeling.
  6. Free

    In these days of blatant violation of privacy by both government and non-government entities, Binfer offers a unique way to communicate securely and preserve your privacy better. Given the will, resources and technology all digital locks can be broken. The best one can do, is to make it as difficult as possible for the lock to be broken. Binfer applies these defenses to make it very hard to break the privacy lock:

    1. Serverless messaging & file transfers. Since, there is no central server where your files or messages exist, there is nothing to be lost if those central servers got compromised.
    2. Encryption at source
    3. Everything is encrypted at source. Your encryption keys are not stored on any external server. They reside on your computer. And they change frequently.
    So, what are you waiting for? Download Binfer now!

Secure live chat is 100% free. You can send unlimited text messages to unlimited people.

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