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Limit How Much Data a Device Uses

Binfer is excited to announce the release of a much requested feature: data limits per device!  The same great Binfer product now runs with an intuitive and easy to use data limit allowing customers to be confident they will never overuse their data plans.

Data Usage Report

The new Data Usage screen allows admin of the Binfer Enterprise Sync system to clearly and quickly see the data going in and out of each device.  If there is a data limit set for the device it will also be shown in the table allowing admin to quickly understand exactly how much data they have left for each device.

Setting a Data Limit

The data limit can be set in the NETWORK SETTINGS screen, selected from the left-hand navigation menu.  A value of -1 specifies no limit, a value of 0 will mean data should not transfer in that direction, and any positive value will transfer data up until that limit is reached.

All data limits are in MBs.  This setting is also editable via the remote settings module.