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Send Large Files Quickly and Easily

Large file sharing doesn't have to be hard.

Transfer big files easily

Today large file sharing is as common as smartphones. It’s a daily activity for small and large businesses. Unfortunately, the current operations model uses slow, complex, often insecure file transfer methods that require cloud servers. If you are tired of finding a good and reliable software for transferring very large files, then you should try Binfer. 

Binfer makes large file sharing easy. There are no file type, file size or file quantity restrictions, and we don’t use the cloud. 

So, whether you have to send large files to clients, or transfer sensitive documents to China, you can move data directly from sender to recipient with no fuss.

Direct File Transfer

Unlike cloud-based file transfer software, sending large files through Binfer doesn’t depend on server speed. Files transfer directly from you to the recipient. There are no uploads or downloads to any third-party servers, and your transfers are private and 100% secure. Did we mention that it happens super fast?

Direct Device to Device Flaticons
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Secure File Transfer

Binfer enables secure large file sharing using a complete, military-grade AES 256 bit encryption that operates outside the cloud or any server. For context, 256 bit encryption is the same encryption level many global banks and government organizations use to secure their systems. We defend your data.

With Binfer you can enjoy secure, simple large file sharing without file type, size or quantity restrictions or cloud uploads.

Benefits of Using Binfer

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Product Features

AES 256 Bit Encryption

Confidential file transfers are encrypted with military-grade 256 bit AES encryption to ensure your data is secure.

Drag And Drop

Transfer 1000's of files or folders with one click. The deep folder structure is preserved and replicated on the recipients’ device.

Detailed Transfer Tracking Logs

While files are transferring you can monitor their progress and time remaining.

Advanced Reports

We provide detailed reports on who transferred what, when and from where for all transfers, so you can plan and allocate resources effectively.

See Binfer in Action