File Sharing for Internet of Things (IoT)​

Data transfer complexity, solved.

The Internet of things (IoT) industry is exploding exponentially. A primary challenge in implementing IoT solutions is the reliable transfer of data. While protocols such as MQTT and providers like Amazon are providing solutions, it is still complex to design and implement an IoT solution.

Binfer alleviates the data communication and transfer complexity that currently appears in all IoT solutions. Instead of spending precious resources in implementing a communication and data transfer stack, users of IoT solutions can focus on providing core business value while outsourcing the data transfer and communication solution to specialists such as Binfer.

Binfer addresses the following aspects of IoT communication and data transfer:

1. Intermittent connectivity

Binfer’s communication stack is specially designed to address low bandwidth, high latency and intermittent connectivity characteristics of IoT deployments. Binfer can operate over any kind of Internet connection and bandwidth. Its advanced message queuing and routing protocols ensure that all data is delivered.

2. Small footprint

    Binfer’s core executable is around 3MB. It can run on small devices such as raspberry pi, all the way to mainframe computers, with the same level of performance and efficiency. It consumes a minimal amount of CPU and RAM.

3. Massive quantity

    Binfer excels at synchronizing large quantities of devices and data easily. With its Direct Device-to-Device technology, devices can communicate efficiently and quickly. Delivery time and bandwidth consumption are reduced by half.

Binfer IoT Use Cases

Connected Cars

94 million connected cars are expected to be shipped by 2021. 82% of these cars will be connected. Binfer’s platform allows for easy integration to transfer data from connected cars to a central locations without having to use third party servers.

Vending Machines

Vending machines were invented almost 100 years ago. Today, IoT is transforming them into connected devices; this allows companies to monitor machine health and track inventory proactively. Binfer enables accelerated development of these solutions. Binfer’s sync agents can be easily installed on these end points. Data can be bi-directionally exchanged, directly between the vending machines and the home office.

Streaming to screens

Connected drones transferring video, video monitoring cameras in hotel lobbies, and video kiosks are just some of the examples where Binfer excels with its media streaming and live sync platform.

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