Private Cloud Simplifies Network Management

Effortless Device Management

Binfer’s Private Cloud product allows you to create a secure, private file sharing and communication network. The devices in the Private Cloud are connected via a private web of VPN-like tunnels.

Security and privacy concerns are significant enough to prompt businesses to rethink the pure cloud solution.

Private Cloud On Premises Cloud

Binfer’s private cloud allows secure file synchronization, sharing and communication in your own environment. Nothing is stored on any third party cloud servers.
You have complete control over your data.

Security on autopilot

All file transfers are automatically encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.

Binfer Secure Private Cloud Icons
Binfer Network PC

Fast Deployment

An entire enterprise can move into a private cloud environment  within hours.

Centralized Audit

Monitor all activity in your network and see the who, what, when, and where of each transfer. 

Binfer Centralized Audit PC

Product Features

On Premises

Use your current infrastructure.

Activity Reports

Export all file transfer activity via .XML. 

Simple Account Management

Assign and remove licenses with a simple click of a button.

Perfect for many devices

Built by an experienced network administrator for network administrators.

Why implement a Private Cloud over other solutions?

Stress FactorBinferCloud Provider
If the data is encrypted who holds the encryption keys?All keys are on users devices. All data is on users devicesVendor owns and manages the keys. There is no reliable way to determine if the vendor is actually encrypting and at what level, if the data is encrypted at all
How do I integrate data with other applications?Since Binfer does not have cloud storage, and all data is stored on your own devices, you can access it anyhow you please.You will have to use vendor provided interfaces and API to access data stored on their servers.
How do I manage access control and monitoring?Continue to use your current OS level access control and monitoring. That’s it. No extra layer of management, control or monitoring to worry aboutAlong with your own current level access control and  monitoring, you now have to worry about the access control and monitoring of the data sitting on the vendors servers. Two layers means double the complexity and double the expense.
What about compliance, legal implications, recovery, breach etc?No worries. All data is stored in your own environment. You have total control over your data and policies.You need good lawyers and a solid contract to cross all t’s and dot all i’s.
How can I be sure about the privacy and confidentiality of my data?We do not store your data. Binfer transfers data directly between devices through your private cloud. All data is stored on your devices. There is absolutely no way for us to look into your data.You cannot be sure about the privacy or confidentiality of your data. There are too many things that can go wrong. – the vendor peeking into your data in order to serve you personalized advertisement. -rogue vendor employees deciding to pry, breaches by hackers or accidental leaks.

How can Binfer help?

Binfer’s revolutionary Private Cloud will:

Simplify your network management workflow

Give detailed reports of file transfer activity

Secure all devices in your network

Remove the need for complex integrations or adapters

Eliminate accounts and passwords

Changing the way devices are managed