An All In One Secure Communication Platform

Your simple, fast, and secure communication tool

Binfer is more than a file transfer software. It is also a secure communication tool.  With the communication product in the Binfer suite, you can communicate with friends, colleagues, or business partners. All forms of communication, text or file based, will only occur between the intended parties. It is well suited for:

1. Private communication  

2. Communication infrastructure cost savings

Traditional email and chat applications store messages on a central server and then forward them to the intended recipients. The copies may be retained on multiple servers. Binfer moves your files directly to the receiver’s device ensuring that whatever you are sharing remains private and secure. 

Binfer chat and email are serverless. The messages are not stored anywhere and are transferred encrypted to the intended recipient. For businesses, there is an additional saving by needing to maintain fewer servers. 


Send secure messages using a simple email-like interface. Little to no learning curve. If you have ever sent email, the Binfer messages feature will be very familiar. 

Message Screenshot
Binfer Email Setup

Email Integration

Integrate any email service (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) into Binfer to securely communicate with anyone. 

Off the Record Chat

Unlike other chat apps, Your chat messages are never stored anywhere. Rest assured knowing that your information will never be leaked.

Binfer Chat Screen

Product Features

Private Conversations

Exchange files and collaborate with contacts directly.

Fast Deployment

Install and begin using within seconds. 

One Platform

Email, chat, and share using one tool.

End to end encryption

All messages are automatically encrypted at source and encrypted upon receipt.

How can Binfer help?

Binfer’s revolutionary tool will:

Make secure communication as easy as pushing a button

Eliminate concerns of third parties hacking or replicating your data

Raise your level of security, without changing your workflow

Changing the way we communicate