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Configuring a Domain and Using a Static IP

Clients can connect to the Binfer server via a URL or IP address.

If connecting via an IP address, a static IP is recommended. In order to enable transfer externally (outside of a LAN), you will need to ensure that you are using an external/public IP. When choosing this route, a static IP is required. 

If connecting clients via URL, you will need to configure a domain for your external/public IP (Example: “”). Please note that we recommend using a static IP but it is not required. If you are not able to establish a static IP, there is an alternative route using a Dynamic DNS service. If opting for this route, first configure your domain (Example: Then, pair your domain with a dynamic DNS service like “No-IP” or “DYN”. Pairing your domain with a dynamic DNS service will automatically update your hostname with the correct IP address as it changes.

Regardless of which route you initially choose, you can update your settings at any time by navigating to “SETTINGS>NETWORK” and inputting your new URL or IP address into the domain field.