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One-way Sync in Depth

Binfer’s one-way rules sync all files in a directory on a local machine to a directory on a remote machine.  Below is an in-depth explanation of what will happen when a user takes common actions on files within the synced directory.

Editing a File

When a user edits a file on the local machine, that edit will be synced to the remote directory to keep the files up to date.  When this occurs, the entire file will be synced again to ensure that all changes are synced.

By default, Binfer’s version control policy is set to “OVERWRITE” meaning that when an edit is made on both the local and remote copy, the edit on the local copy will overwrite the edit on the remote copy.  In situations where a file must be edited on the remote machine, it is recommended to use a two-way sync rule or move the file out of the synced directory before editing.

NOTE: To change the default version control policy, you can navigate to the download settings via the left-hand navigation menu and change the OVERWRITE POLICY dropdown.  This is a global setting that will affect all sync rules.

Renaming a Folder

When a user renames a folder inside the synced folder on the local machine, Binfer will sync the renamed folder and all files inside it again.

This is NOT a move which means that the remote machine’s directory will now have the old folder with all files that were inside it before it was renamed as well as the newly renamed folder and all files within it.  Enabling the option Sync deletions when creating a rule will change this behavior; Binfer will still sync the renamed folder and all files again, but it will also delete the old folder.

Deleting a File or Folder

When a user deletes a file inside the synced folder on the local machine, Binfer will not sync this deletion unless the option Sync deletions is also checked.

Creating a New Folder (Handling Empty Folders)

When a user creates a new folder inside the synced folder on the local machine, Binfer will not sync this folder over.  Binfer will only sync directories that have at least one file of size greater than zero inside them.