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Linux Installations


You will need the linux BinferService zip which you can download from the link provided by your Binfer rep.

If you are installing the server you will need the credentials provided to you by your Binfer rep.  If you are installing the client, you will need a PC file generated by your server instance.  To learn more about PC files and how to produce one please review:


Creating the Directory

The first thing you will need to do is create a directory to unpack the zip file into.  This directory will eventually contain your download directory, system directory, and service directory so we recommend creating a new directory within your home directory.

Once you have created this directory and unpacked the zip file, open a terminal window and navigate into the unpacked directory.  Once there you will need to run the following command to allow the server to start:

  chmod +x

NOTE: If you are installing the client replace with in the command above

Configuring the Script

If you are configuring a server instance, you will need to open in a text editor and update the USERID and PASSWORD properties on line 5 and 6 of the script.

If you are configuring a client instance, you will need to open in a text editor and update the PCFILE property on line 5 of the script.

NOTE: When editing properties in the script be careful not to add spaces between the ‘=’ and the value you are entering, this will change the value that is saved.

Running the Script

Now that you have configured the script to run correctly the only step left is to run your script.  Binfer will begin outputting logs to the console to let you know that it is running.

NOTE: On some linux instances that already have a default JRE installed, our JRE does not run.  If this is the case you will need to reopen the script and change the first command of the last line to just the word java to pick up the system JRE.