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Binfer Binding to Wrong Internal IP

Binfer Enterprise Sync binds itself to an internal IP on the machine it is installed on. Occasionally, when a machine has more than one network adapter, Binfer can bind to a network adapter that does not face outwards towards the internet, such as a VirtualBox host only network. The steps below explain how to resolve this issue.
  • Navigate to the Private Cloud module from the left-hand navigation pane. Select the SETTINGS tab as shown below
  • In the domain field enter one of the two options below:
– Enter the domain you will be using to access the Binfer Enterprise Sync Server. This will handle resolving the IP. – If you are not mapping the Binfer Enterprise Sync Server to a domain name, then enter the outward facing IP address in the domain field. This will map all clients to the outward facing IP as expected.
  • Click Save and Export PC Settings. Your domain issues should now be resolved!
Note: Any PC files that have been generated will need to be regenerated with new PC settings.