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The Errors Tab

In the Reports module there is a tab labeled “Errors” which will report all errors generated by the system. This error module is designed for admin to quickly be able to understand which files did not transfer and why. There are 6 columns per error that are present to provide as much information as possible. Each column and what they represent are listed below. Device – This is the device that generated the error. Each device also has the first 5 characters of their device ID included in this column so that you can look the device up by device ID if needed. Error – This column tells you the error generated by the system. Refer to our error guide in the installation guide for further details on what each error could mean. Location – This is the file or folder that generated the error. Issue – This is more information regarding the error. For example, on a FILE_NOT_FOUND error this will specify which files were not found. Created – This will tell you when the error was generated. Name – This will tell you which rule this error is associated with.