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Setup a Private Cloud Server (Admin)

Obtain licenses Ensure that you have a license to setup private cloud. Check your license setting and verify that you see an active Private Cloud Server license. If you do not have a license, you can purchase one from the Plans page. Open port Private cloud required an open port. All members from the internal or external network should be able to access the Private Cloud Server. Follow the Configure Network instructions to open a port. Add members See Add Members To Private Cloud section. Configure settings See Private Cloud settings section. Note: Give a unique name to your private cloud network, so members can know that they are connected to the server. Generate access files Click Generate Access Files button. The folder with generated files will open automatically. Distribute access files Distribute the access files to each member. Important: Only one access file per Binfer instance. Do not share the same access file across multiple Binfer instances. Do not add multiple access files for a single instance. Under the Binfer user directory, there should be exactly one file with the pc extension.