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File Transfer Time Calculator

This is a free file transfer calculator. Use it to get an estimate of how long it will take to transfer a file of certain size. The duration is an optimistic estimate. Several factors may affect the actual file transfer speed duration.

The estimated duration is what it will take for Binfer to transfer file. Cloud based file transfer will take twice as long as there is an upload and download process involved, that increases the total time it will take for the file to be actually delivered.

Quick Lookup Table

↓Data in GB | →Speed 640 K - DSL 1.5M - T1 45M - T3 156M - OC3
1 4 hrs 1.5 hrs 4 min 1 min
3 11.5 hrs 5 hrs 10 min 3 hrs
5 19 hrs 8 hrs 16 min 5 min
10 38 hrs 16 hrs 32 min 10 min
20 75 hrs 31 hrs 1 hr 19 min


  1. Select or type the amount of data you wish to send

  2. Select or type your Internet upload speed

  3. Results

    Via Binfer

    Via Cloud Service

How To Use?

  1. Type the amount of data you wish to send and select the unit.
    KB: Kilobytes.1 KB is equal to 1024 bytes.
    MB: Megabytes. 1 MB is equal to 1024 Kilobytes.
    GB: Gigabytes. 1 GB is equal to 1024 Megabytes.
    TB: Terabytes. 1 TB is equal to 1024 Gigabytes.
  2. Type your Internet speed and select the unit.
    kbps: kilobits per second
    KBps: kilobytes per second
    Mbps: megabit per second
    MBps: megabytes per second
    Gbps: gigabits per second
    GBps: gigabytes per second
Click the "Calculate" button to see the duration. Use the drop down to change the unit.

What Affects Speed?

  1. Network Throughput

    Many factors affect the network throughput
    • ISP capacity issues
    • Traffic shaping by provider during peak hours
  2. Distance

    Data moves over the Internet via specialized devices called routers. Depending on the distance, data may travel over several routers. This could add to the latency, failures and overall delay.
  3. Type of Internet

    If either the sending side or receiving side has an asymmetric internet, the duration will be affected. Also, different kinds of Internet, like satellite connection, DSL or dial up on either side will significantly affect the speed of transfer.
  4. Computer Process

    If there is any heavy processing happening on either the sending or receiving side, then transfers will slow down.