Binfer Product Manual

  1. Getting Started

    1. Quick start

    2. Quick setup

    3. Key concepts

    4. Frequently asked questions

  2. Account

    1. License

    2. Referrals

    3. Payments

  3. Send Files

    1. Send files with Desktop App: New Message

    2. Send files with Desktop App: Chat

    3. Send files with Desktop App: Contact

    4. Send files with Desktop App: Group

    5. Web Pickup Difference Between Skinny and Regular Mode

    6. Where are the sent messages?

  4. Receive Files

    1. Receive files

    2. Receive files with Binfer Applet

    3. Receive files with Desktop App

    4. Receive files with Web Drop

    5. Where are the received messages?

  5. Web Drop Box

    1. Setup Web Drop

    2. Example: Web Drop full mode

    3. Example: Web Drop skinny mode

    4. How do I add Web Drop widget on my Blogger site?

  6. Custom Web Pickup

    1. Setup Custom Web Pickup

    2. Example: Deliver Digital Content on Your Own Site

    3. Example: Share Message Files on Your Own Site

    4. Using IFRAME to Show Multiple Messages on One Page

  7. File Transfers

    1. How long will it take for files to transfer?

    2. Why are files not transferring?

    3. How do I check file transfer progress?

    4. Configure Network

    5. How to encrypt file transfers?

  8. Contacts

    1. Add contact

    2. Import contacts

    3. Chat with contact

    4. Remove contact

  9. Groups

    1. Add group

    2. Add members to group

    3. Remove members from group

    4. Remove group

  10. Reports

    1. Create reports

Send Files With Desktop App: New Message - Binfer Product Manual

Send Files With Desktop App: New Message

1. Start Binfer and click on the New button. A New Message tab will open up.

2. Enter the email address in the To field. This input is required. All new contacts are automatically added to the address book. You can view the address book by clicking on the Contacts button.

3. Enter the Subject. This input is required.

4. Enter the Description. This input is optional.

5. You can add files by either clicking on the Add button or

6. by simply dragging and dropping files from your files explorer.

7. Check Enable Web App Pickup to allows recipients to download files using a standard browser, without having to register or install anything.
8. Check Skinny Mode to show Web Pickup in skinny more
9. Check Send me a copy of the email to get a copy of the same message that will be sent to the user.

10. Click on the Send button. A message is created in the OUT Bin and an email notification sent to your recipients. You must leave Binfer running and also ensure that the computer does not automatically go into sleep mode.

New message tab

new message form
1. After the message is sent the confirmation tab is shown. Please read.

2. Open the Web Pickup link in a browser. You can copy this link and share with others.

3. Opens the Affiliate Program link in a browser. You can earn money simply by telling people about Binfer.

4. Opens the Help Manual.

5. Opens various social network pages in a browser.

6. Click the x to close this message tab.

Message Sent Confirmation

icon view
1. Click on OUT Bin. The sent messages view will open.

2. The message summary is shown. Hover mouse over it to see the toolbar. Double click anywhere on the summary panel or click the message icon on the tool bar to open the Message Details View.

Sent Message in OUT Bin

icon view

1. Click on the tabs to view the relevant information.

2. Options cannot be changed after a message has already been sent.

3. The following actions can be performed on a sent message
Copy Link This will copy the Web Pickup link on the system clipboard. You can paste it and share it.
Copy Embed Code This will copy the Web Pickup embed code on the system clipboard. You can paste it and share it on any web page of your site.
Reply Reply to the sender.
Forward Forward this message and files to someone.

Message Details View

icon view