Binfer Product Manual

  1. Getting Started

    1. Quick start

    2. Quick setup

    3. Key concepts

    4. Frequently asked questions

  2. Account

    1. License

    2. Referrals

    3. Payments

  3. Send Files

    1. Send files with Desktop App: New Message

    2. Send files with Desktop App: Chat

    3. Send files with Desktop App: Contact

    4. Send files with Desktop App: Group

    5. Web Pickup Difference Between Skinny and Regular Mode

    6. Where are the sent messages?

  4. Receive Files

    1. Receive files

    2. Receive files with Binfer Applet

    3. Receive files with Desktop App

    4. Receive files with Web Drop

    5. Where are the received messages?

  5. Web Drop Box

    1. Setup Web Drop

    2. Example: Web Drop full mode

    3. Example: Web Drop skinny mode

    4. How do I add Web Drop widget on my Blogger site?

  6. Custom Web Pickup

    1. Setup Custom Web Pickup

    2. Example: Deliver Digital Content on Your Own Site

    3. Example: Share Message Files on Your Own Site

    4. Using IFRAME to Show Multiple Messages on One Page

  7. File Transfers

    1. How long will it take for files to transfer?

    2. Why are files not transferring?

    3. How do I check file transfer progress?

    4. Configure Network

    5. How to encrypt file transfers?

  8. Contacts

    1. Add contact

    2. Import contacts

    3. Chat with contact

    4. Remove contact

  9. Groups

    1. Add group

    2. Add members to group

    3. Remove members from group

    4. Remove group

  10. Reports

    1. Create reports

Example: Share Message Files on Your Own Site - Binfer Product Manual

Example: Share Message Files on Your Own Site

Custom Web Pick allows you to deliver files directly from your own website instead of Binfer's. When you send files with Binfer, the Web Pickup is delivered from domain. With Custom Web Pickup the files can be delivered from http://{your own domain}.

After following instructions in this example you will be able to embed messages with shared files on your own website. Please note that only one message can be embedded per page. If you wish to embed multiple messages on a single page then use the IFRAME method.

You will need access and permission to your website and have capability to create new page or modify existing one. Before continuing, locate a page on your website where you want to provide custom Web Pickup.
1. Create a new page, say Embedded on your website. The name can be anything. Typically, this page will be visible on the main navigation.

Example: Main Page

delivery main
Switch to Binfer and click on OUT Bin.

1. Locate the message that you want to embed and double click to open it.



1. Click on Copy Embed Code. This will save the embed code in your system clipboard.


sent message
Open the web page and paste the copied embedded code and save the page. Feel free to modify the style(CSS) to match your website. Do not change any script code

Example: Embedded Code On the Page

delivery example embedded
Open your website and the page where you embedded the message.

1. The shared message and files will show.

Example: Files Delivered From Your Page

delivery example files