Sending large files


While you will find several respectable services that provide upload based solutions, there are serious issues with their approach:

  • They max out at 2GB limit per file size. Binfer has no such limit. You can send terabytes of files without any issues. Of course, you will need a fast internet and your recipient should have sufficient disk space.
  • You can only send one file at a time. With Binfer you can drag and drop hundreds of files and they will all be transferred automatically.
  • They may not be as secure or private as you think.  Once your file is sitting on someone else's server, you do not have any control over it. With Binfer, you can turn off shared files in an instant and have complete control over them.


Binfer is a unique solution that will improve your productivity and reduce your costs significantly. You will no longer have to deal with the inconveniences of file uploads, FTP, email attachments, CD's, couriers or postal service. You just have to try it [for FREE] to believe it.


In summary, how Binfer works is that

  • You install Binfer on any computer
  • Create a message and add recipients and files to it
  • The recipients only get an email notification
  • When the recipients start downloading the files, only then do they leave your computer