Download The Best File Sharing Software.

Save the exe file on your computer and double click to install.
Save the zip file to Desktop and double click to install.

Default Gatekeeper settings only allows apps registered with Apple Mac Store. We are in the process of getting a developer id from Apple. Until then, you can install and use Binfer on your Mac by temporarily enabling System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Allow applications downloaded from Anywhere

- download and double click/open file to install
- download and double click/open file to install
- download to folder where you want to install
- open terminal, go the download location and execute the following commands
- tar -xvzf binfer.linux.tar.gz
- cd Binfer
- chmod + Binfer
- ./Binfer&
If nothing happens when you click the Web Installer button then look for a file called binfer.jnlp in your browser's Downloads location. Open the file from there (if prompted select Java Web Start).
Binfer for Android will soon be available on the Play Store.
1. Binfer is a file transfer software and requires installation so as to allow sending files larger than 2GB, auto resume interrupted transfers, send many files easily and communicate securely. Browser/web based technology cannot do this yet. 2. You will need to create an account after downloading. Only name and email asked. Credit card not required. 3. Binfer does not upload your files anywhere so you need to keep your computer online until files have transferred.
Binfer is currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux & Android. Load this page on the specific computer/device to get the installer.

Binfer is a highly rated and clean software. Download with confidence.

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Binfer is the ultimate tool to send big files easily and quickly

Email limits attachments to 25MB. Upload based services are insecure, cumbersome and slow. FTP is complicated to set up and expensive.

  • Transfer files of any size and quantity with 128bit AES encryption and auto resumes.

  • File are not stored on any third party servers. 100% private and confidential transfers.

  • Drag and drop entire folders. Uploading and downloading is fully automated.

  • Ideal for sending HD videos and vacation pictures in original resolutions.

  • Advanced reporting and live transfer notifications.

  • Web Pickup enables recipients to receive files without downloading the desktop app.

  • Web Drop enables receiving files directly to your computer from any web browser. Ideal FTP replacement.

System Requirements
  1. Binfer needs access to the Internet. If you get prompts from your firewall or anti-virus software, do grant full permissions to Binfer [or Java].
  2. Binfer also need to make outbound connections to ports other than 80. Your firewall or anti virus software must allow connections to other ports.

Trouble installing? Contact Us for assistance.