Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing

These days, cloud services are getting breached left and right either by government or criminal organizations.

While secure file sharing does not seem to be bullet proof anymore, the best approach is to make it as difficult as possible for the intruders. So, how does one share large files securely and safely?

Share Files Securely Without Uploading Anywhere

99% of file sharing solutions will upload your files to their servers and send a link to the recipient. This puts your files at great risk because the moment you upload them on some unknown servers, you have lost control. Binfer, on the other hand, lets you share files directly from your device to the recipient. It is the worlds first true, direct and secure file sharing solution.
Vendor Controls.
You Control.
Encrypted & Secure.


Encrypt File Transfers at Source

There is a big difference between encrypted at source and encrypted at site. End-to-end encryption prevents intermediaries from accessing your documents. It provides a stronger protection during transfers.

nsa demands encryption keys

Encryption keys are kept at provider’s location and shared. Once, someone obtains a key, they can unlock all documents.

encryption settings

Binfer allows for end-to-end encryption. Files can be encrypted at source and transferred with 256 bit AES encryption.

Keys are stored on your computer and not ours. Keys are unique to each user and are not shared.


Know who has accessed what, when and from where

A single breach can disrupt your operation and leave your company struggling to regain the trust of partners and customers.

dropbox hacked

Shockingly, most popular file sharing services do not provide adequate tracking. This makes it very hard to know who is accessing your files.

If there is a breach then data is compromised instantly.

unauthorized access

Detailed tracking such as who accessed what file, when and from which IP address. You will know exactly who has transferred what.

Even if Binfer site is hacked, your documents are safe since they reside on your computer and not ours.


Verify identity of sender and receiver

Verified identities are critical for secure exchange of information. Only intended recipients should receive the files. The identity of the recipient should be certain.

bt sync figerprint

Don’t be deceived by false security illusion created by cryptic id’s or complex connection exchanges. They don’t mean much.

It may look cool like a Hollywood style spy movie but in reality any file sharing system that cannot guarantee the identity of the sender or receiver is not secure.

connection request

An email address is the most reliable form of identity. Binfer uses email address to create connections. Files cannot be exchanged unless the recipient has clicked a link sent in the email or accepted the connection request.

This simple yet effective scheme ensure that your files are delivered only to intended recipient.


You are responsible for your privacy

The 800lb gorilla of cloud sharing has said it loud and clear. If you do not take control of your privacy in your own hands then only you are to blame when it gets compromised.

no privacy

Your documents may be accessed unauthorized and you may not even know about it. The providers themselves may be sniffing your documents to serve you with more ads.

secure email

When file transfers are direct, you will have 100% control over privacy.


Your files are more secure with you

Cloud services are gold mines for hackers. Why would they spend resources trying to break into your computer when hacking a cloud service can provide unimaginable rewards?

There are too many things that can go wrong with cloud services. Company shutdown. Rouge employee. Server theft. Hacker intrusion. Buggy code. All of which can be avoided by keeping documents safely under your control.

mega shutdown

Storage providers may shutdown or disappear unexpectedly with your documents.


Even if we are closed or non operational for some unforeseen reason, you will not lose any of your documents. They are with you not us.


Sharing files securely is the primary concern for Binfer

We are not trying to condemn cloud computing. If you have been following the news, then you will know the reasons why we are raising these concerns. Cloud computing is a very useful technology and has its specific use cases. Secure file sharing is not one of them. Before there was no alternative, but today Binfer provides a more secure way to transfer digital data.

How Binfer addresses the risks?

  1. Files are not kept on external servers
  2. Option for end-to-end 256bit AES encryptions
  3. Detailed access tracking
  4. Capability to deny access to files with a single click
  5. Secure connection establishment method

What next?

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