Secure File Sharing Solution For Lawyers

Secure File Sharing Solution For Lawyers

Are you sharing confidential documents with clients and other privileged parties securely?

LexisNexis on cloud file sharing “There is a dark side to this wonderful capability, though: Consumer file-sharing services were never created with the intention of protecting the kind of confidential information lawyers pass on to their clients and opposing counsel. The security protections were never put in place to safeguard business-critical files, much less meet the confidentiality requirements of law firms.”

Do you upload confidential documents on a provider’s server(cloud) and then trust, hope and pray that they are delivered securely? Are you wasting too much time and money in encrypting/decrypting, zipping/unzipping and uploading/downloading? You don’t have to, if you use Binfer!

Binfer is a better, easier and secure way to send legal documents to clients or other privileged parties. The big difference between Binfer and other methods is that your legal documents transfer directly from your device to the recipients’ without requiring to be uploaded on some central server.


Vendor Controls.
You Control.
Encrypted & Secure.

A single breach can ruin your clients life and your reputation!

Cloud Services(Dropbox, Box, Wetransfer, Hightail)Binfer



  1. Binfer does not store your documents anywhere. They stay on your computer and are sent to the recipients, in real time, only when they come to receive them. There is absolutely no chance for anyone else to get hold of them. In addition, all transfers can be automatically encrypted at source, with unique and changing keys.
  2. Cloud/Server based service providers store your documents on external servers, and majority of times the physical servers themselves are not under their control.
  3. Even if a cloud service provider encrypts files on their servers, the encryption keys are shared for all documents. If the key is hacked then its all over.
  4. With Cloud based services, there is absolutely no guarantee that some rogue employee of the provider, government or a hacker is not secretly viewing your documents.

Email attachments have limits. Binfer can send files of any size and quantity.

compare with cloud servicescompare with cloud services

FTP is complicated. Binfer is simple.

compare with ftp

FTP is complex. The tasks of keeping up with the management of FTP servers, clients, hosting server, managing permissions and applying patches add up hidden costs that you may not even be factoring in the cost of your business. FTP is an outdated and ancient technology and absolutely not suited for sharing confidential documents.

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Binfer interface is easy. Your file system is never exposed. No user accounts to create or manage.
Binfer will automatically download all files, replicate the folder structure and resume interrupted transfers. And, with advanced encryption, your documents will be as secure as they can be.

Start Sending Legal Documents Securely, Today!

Binfer is perfectly suited to easily share legal documents with clients and authorized parties. It has everything you need from a secure file transfer solution. Get setup under 5 minutes. No IT involvement. Adopt this cutting edge technology today!
This video is a quick intro to desktop transfers.

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With Binfer you can:

  1. Communicate and share securely with colleagues in the same office, remote office or with clients, anywhere in the world. Our robust ad hoc file transfer software works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.
  2. Use your existing computer. No specialized hardware or IT infrastructure needed.
  3. Drag and drop entire folders. There is no need to compress or zip.
  4. Documents will transfer at the maximum speed allowed by your Internet provider. There is not throttling or bandwidth sharing.
  5. Includes Chat and Email like messaging for an integrated experience. Messages are not saved on any external servers.
  6. Other power features such as Web Dropbox, Web Pickup, Encrypted Transfers and Reports.
  7. Detailed Help Manual and Customer Support provided.

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