Binfer Product Manual

  1. Getting Started

    1. Quick start

    2. Quick setup

    3. Key concepts

    4. Frequently asked questions

  2. Account

    1. License

    2. Referrals

    3. Payments

  3. Send Files

    1. Send files with Desktop App: New Message

    2. Send files with Desktop App: Chat

    3. Send files with Desktop App: Contact

    4. Send files with Desktop App: Group

    5. Web Pickup Difference Between Skinny and Regular Mode

    6. Where are the sent messages?

  4. Receive Files

    1. Receive files

    2. Receive files with Binfer Applet

    3. Receive files with Desktop App

    4. Receive files with Web Drop

    5. Where are the received messages?

  5. Web Drop Box

    1. Setup Web Drop

    2. Example: Web Drop full mode

    3. Example: Web Drop skinny mode

    4. How do I add Web Drop widget on my Blogger site?

  6. Custom Web Pickup

    1. Setup Custom Web Pickup

    2. Example: Deliver Digital Content on Your Own Site

    3. Example: Share Message Files on Your Own Site

    4. Using IFRAME to Show Multiple Messages on One Page

  7. File Transfers

    1. How long will it take for files to transfer?

    2. Why are files not transferring?

    3. How do I check file transfer progress?

    4. Configure Network

    5. How to encrypt file transfers?

  8. Contacts

    1. Add contact

    2. Import contacts

    3. Chat with contact

    4. Remove contact

  9. Groups

    1. Add group

    2. Add members to group

    3. Remove members from group

    4. Remove group

  10. Reports

    1. Create reports

FAQ - Binfer Product Manual

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Binfer?

Binfer is the next generation file transfer software for sending & receiving large files such as videos, pictures and documents without uploading them on any servers. Binfer combines the power of Email, FTP, VPN and Web servers into a tiny bundle that makes it possible to send files of any size and any quantity, directly from your computer. Please note that Binfer must be kept running on your computer, just like an instant messenger, for it to work.


Why an application that needs to be installed?

And why not a web/cloud based application? Because: 1. Browsers are not capable of transferring hundreds of documents. 2. Browsers cannot auto resume interrupted transfers once the browser window is closed. 3. Browsers can only send up to 2GB of file due to a protocol limitation. To overcome these and other limitation, Binfer was developed as an application.



Is Binfer free?

Binfer provides a trial license so that you can try and test it to your full satisfaction. There is no charge for the software. Receiving files is free. Very reasonably priced plans are available. Also, you can get more free licenses by participating in various promotions


Aren't there other file sharing applications? Why should I use Binfer?

Binfer is more than a file sharing application. It makes your life easier and productive. With the security of 128bit encryption, file transfers within a trusted network, auto management of file transfers and drag & drop simplicity, file sharing is no longer a frustrating task, its now fun and enjoyable. If you care about the privacy of your data, want the best file sharing experience and transfer files at the fastest possible speed, then Binfer is made for you.



What kind of files can be sent with Binfer?

All kinds of digital files can be sent with Binfer: pictures, documents, videos, executable, music or your own proprietary format.



What is the limit on file size and count?

There is no limit on the size of a single file. As long as there is available disk space on the recipients' computer, the files will get transferred. The maximum size of the file and the quantity that can be sent is determined by the license you have.



Why do I get prompted to install Java?

Binfer is developed using the Java programming language. This allows Binfer to run on multiple operating systems and also provide high level of security. Binfer Web Installer and Browser Plugin Downloader requires Java version 1.6+ plugin to be installed on your computer. Most likely the Java plugin will already be installed on your computer, however, if it is not installed, you will be prompted to install it.



I sent files to someone and they didn't receive it

Most likely the notification email went under the SPAM folder. Please ask your contact to check their SPAM folder, add to their safe list and follow the steps to receive files.



How secure is Binfer?

 Binfer is very safe and secure. 

  1. File transfers can be encrypted with a simple check. Binfer uses a 256bit AES encryption to transfer files. Secret keys are changed for each file transfer.
  2. There is no searching of your hard disk. Many file sharing applications allow searches on your shared directories/files. Sometimes, you don't even know who is connecting to your computer. Binfer does not allow any searches. Only the message and files contained within it are accessible to the receivers designated by you.
  3. Binfer is developed using Java. Java is one of the most secure programming languages.
  4. No uploads anywhere. Once you upload a file to a hosting server, you have lost control over it; it can be backed up on the provider's servers or the web link can become available to others and other scenarios where confidentiality of your data can be compromised. Since, Binfer does not store your files and encrypts all transfer this is the safest and secure file transfer mechanism available today.