Private Sharing Of Confidential Files

Private sharing of confidential files


Digital files are all too easy to get in wrong hands and cause serious damage to one’s personal or professional life. However, the fact is that we transfer tons of data in form of digital files and most times do not give a second thought to the privacy aspect.


Just drive around any neighborhood and check the number of open unsecured wireless connections that are available; you will be amazed. All it takes is a quick installation of wireshark and you can see all sorts of interesting information flowing around.


Uploading documents to hosting sites seems like a mundane thing, but it’s not too hard to steal session information or highjack connections or get unauthorized access to documents. The problem is you won’t even know that someone has hijacked your files before the harm is done.


However, the reality is that we need to send digital files for business or pleasure, frequently. So how do we make it safe? How do we make it really private? The answer is encryption, encryption and encryption. Encrypt the documents. Don’t just password protect them but encrypt them. There are quite a few tools available that will encrypt your documents. So, even if someone gets hold of them they will not be able to see what’s in them, without having the key.


Private sharing of confidential files is the core strength of Binfer. You can encrypt your transfers with AES128 bit encryption. The keys are dynamically generated and changed each time. And everything is transferred directly from computer to computer. You can transfer files with confidence that they will never get in hands to unauthorized users, when in transit.