Binfer Product Manual

  1. Getting Started

    1. Quick start

    2. Quick setup

    3. Key concepts

    4. Frequently asked questions

  2. Account

    1. License

    2. Referrals

    3. Payments

  3. Send Files

    1. Send files with Desktop App: New Message

    2. Send files with Desktop App: Chat

    3. Send files with Desktop App: Contact

    4. Send files with Desktop App: Group

    5. Web Pickup Difference Between Skinny and Regular Mode

    6. Where are the sent messages?

  4. Receive Files

    1. Receive files

    2. Receive files with Binfer Applet

    3. Receive files with Desktop App

    4. Receive files with Web Drop

    5. Where are the received messages?

  5. Web Drop Box

    1. Setup Web Drop

    2. Example: Web Drop full mode

    3. Example: Web Drop skinny mode

    4. How do I add Web Drop widget on my Blogger site?

  6. Custom Web Pickup

    1. Setup Custom Web Pickup

    2. Example: Deliver Digital Content on Your Own Site

    3. Example: Share Message Files on Your Own Site

    4. Using IFRAME to Show Multiple Messages on One Page

  7. File Transfers

    1. How long will it take for files to transfer?

    2. Why are files not transferring?

    3. How do I check file transfer progress?

    4. Configure Network

    5. How to encrypt file transfers?

  8. Contacts

    1. Add contact

    2. Import contacts

    3. Chat with contact

    4. Remove contact

  9. Groups

    1. Add group

    2. Add members to group

    3. Remove members from group

    4. Remove group

  10. Reports

    1. Create reports

Key Concepts - Binfer Product Manual


How licenses work?

Binfer licenses work similar to a cellular phone plan. Instead of minutes of talk time, you get data transfer amount. Each license has 1. Expiry date and 2. Data amount that can be sent. Binfer has the following kinds of licenses.
  1. Paid - Monthly Subscription

    These licenses expire at the end of the your billing month and renew as long as you keep your subscription active. Any remaining data amount is not carried forward.
  2. Paid - Pay As You Go (Flexi)

    These licenses do not have a expiry data. The license remains valid until all data amount is consumed.
  3. Free - Monthly

    You can transfer some amount of data at no cost(free), each month. This free license will automatically renew monthly.
  4. Free - Referral

    You earn free licenses as part of the referral program. This license is applied automatically to your account.
  5. Free - Promo

    Free licenses are given out as part of various promotions. Promo licenses must be used before the expiry date. You will have to manually apply the license code to your account.

Binfer App > License

You can view your license details in the Binfer App.
1. Click on "Settings" to open the Settings tab.
2. Displays the license details.
3. Click to view Account details.

4. Click to view the plans and purchase one.

5. Click to learn how to get free licenses.

6. Click to update the license information.
7. Type or paste the license code 8. Click "Apply". If the license code is valid then it will be applied and the license data (2) updated.
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License Combination

Licenses can be combined. You can purchase multiple licenses of the same or different kinds.

License Usage Order

If you have multiple licenses then usage is deducted from licenses in the following order: Paid - Monthly > Paid - Flexi > Referral > Monthly Free > Promo

Shared Licenses

Licenses are associated with your account and not the device you are using it from. So, your licenses are shared with all your devices. You can login to Binfer from any device and transfer files. The usage will be deducted from the shared licenses.

Custom Licenses

It is not possible to list all possible license combinations on the Plans page. We can create custom licenses as per your needs. Contact Us with details.